Coupon Codes, Discounts, Promotions, And More – 7 Ways For Your Business To Save Money

With the recession looming, many businesses are looking to cut costs wherever possible. Fortunately, there are several reputable ways to reap the benefits of business discounts, promotional codes and coupons; bulk purchasing savings, and more. Businesses can take advantage of amazing discounts and smart operational moves to save big on all of their business needs. In this article, I’ll outline several steps you can take to help your business save money.

1. Join a business discount club. This is a simple way to access hundreds or even thousands of deals simultaneously. You can usually apply discount promos or coupon codes offered through the discount club to save big on goods and services from flowers to travel to shipping.

2. If you’re looking for places to cut back, technology is one of the biggest budget-busters. Join a technology discount buying service, or scout the Internet for promotional coupons and discount codes. Many vendors offer seasonal or buy-in-bulk coupon discount deals, so always compare prices between different seasons and different vendors.

It never hurts to buy used technology, either. Laptop or notebook computers usually should not be purchased used, because the internal hardware could be infected, corrupted, or failing. Never buy used computer towers, either. However, purchasing used desktop computer accessories, such as keyboards, monitors, and ball or optical mice, is a great way to save a few bucks.

3. Consider outsourcing your IT services, or using remote tech support to help boost your budget’s staying power. With remote staff, you won’t need to pay for benefits or training time. More importantly, you can usually use discount coupons and promotional codes to shave a few bucks or more off of the services. Bonus: Remote IT services often staff help desks 24/7/365, so there’s no downtime during your technology emergency.

4. Visit specialty office supply stores or bulk discount warehouses to get the best savings on your office products and needs. You can purchase pens, pencils, printer paper, CD spindles, ink cartridges and toner, and more. Use discount coupons and promotional codes to save more on office supplies.

5. Give discounted gifts, and consider giving logo or promotional items to your colleagues and customers. What are the benefits of this? You will spread your name and your brand, thereby netting more business. And, many logo and promo product outlets accept discount coupons, promotional codes, or business membership discounts.

6. Join a trade association for great insurance discounts. It’s difficult to provide small businesses with health insurance at affordable rates because the risk pool is too small. However, small business owners who join a trade association – such as a group of writers or a group of designers – join a larger risk pool. They are then usually able to offer group healthcare plans with lower premiums – the savings are passed on to employees.

7. Hire part-timers and contractors to take on some duties. Let’s face it: hiring an employee on full-time can be costly. You need to worry about comprehensive training costs, benefits, health insurance, and paid vacations. Have you ever considered hiring staff part time or on a per-project basis to complete tasks? Many people don’t want to work full-time, either – maybe they have kids, maybe they’re pursuing other projects, or maybe they just want a project a week to get some experience in a new field. Whatever the reason, send out feelers and you’re sure to find some part-timers or moonlighters ready and eager to help you with your business tasks.

Operating a business can be costly. However, by using smart buying tactics, great discounts, and strategic business moves, you can cut costs as you work on growing your profit margin.

Most Exciting Neighbourhoods In Paris

Tourists and locals swarm around in front of the large white facade of this 14th-century building. Inside is an exhibition on the French poet and screenwriter Jacques Prevert, where you can read his words, “Paris is tiny for those, like us, who share such a great love.” Hotel de Ville, the capital’s epicentre, is located in the 4th arrondissement. In Paris, the arrondissements don’t have names, but, since the 1860s, numbers from one to 20, spiraling around each other like an elegant snail shell. Each one is distinct, with a character all of its own. The 4th is both one of the oldest and most stylish, a rainbow arrondissement.

An accordionist sets the rhythm on the Arcole bridge, which extends from the Hotel de Ville. One hundred times a day, the old man on the Seine repeats the same bal musette tunes. His Parisian soundtrack probably hasn’t changed in 50 years. From time to time, the comments by tour guides on the bateaux-mouches reach the riverbank. Postcard-perfect decor stands at the far edge of the bridge on Ile de la Cite, the towers of the Conciergerie, the stained-glass windows of Sainte Chapelle and the flower market, while groups of tourists follow closed umbrellas carried like batons toward the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris. With its five naves, three portals and galleries built to accommodate a multitude of worshipers, this religious edifice remains an iconic site in the French capital. It is the cathedral of all cathedrals. Legions of tourists enter by all sides, the south tower, the crypt, the sacristy housing the treasury.

The Square Jean XXIII offers the best view of the cathedral, the back side and chevet. This is also where you’ll start to see a surprising number of people with ice cream cones in hand, no matter what time of year it is. Bertillon, one of the most widely acclaimed ice cream parlours in Paris, is just a few steps away, on Ile Saint-Louis. Since 1954, the famous family has been delighting children from nearby schools as well as tourists and aficionados alike. On offer some 70 original flavors, all handmade on site, according to family tradition and expertise. “From my position, I can keep an eye on my father, my husband and my son, who all work in the back,” says Marie-José Bertillon, the cheerful boss who oversees everything from behind the cash register.

The main street, Rue Saint-Louis-en-l’Ile, has a few art galleries, cosy restaurants, a stationery store run by a shopkeeper who is over 80 years old, and the oldest travel bookstore in Paris, aptly named Librairie Ulysse. The street is as straight and narrow as a French baguette. The shutters are often closed, this is an island of luxury and discretion. Bottle green bookstalls line the right bank, just a stone’s throw away, along the quays listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site. The secondhand booksellers continue a tradition that dates back to 1578. Wearing a black fedora and red scarf, Pascal Vincent has occupied his small plot of sidewalk for 20 years. A former poet in Saint-Germain-des-Près, he wouldn’t give up his stall along the Seine for anything: “I love Paris, I love books and I love watching the Seine. So I come every day, drink a few glasses of wine, listen to music and talk about books with people who pass by. Sometimes I even sell a book or two..” These booksellers are a breed apart, as they work outdoors every day.

A stroll along the Quay des Célestins and Quay Henri IV leads to the Port de l’Arsenal. A barge is slowly creeping forward, while the pleasure boats are moored one alongside another, under the watchful gaze of the Génie de la Liberté, the figure perched high on top of the Bastille column. Today, the boats are named Epicure, Lady Penlyric and Les Vieux Papillon. “Some are moored here year round, others are in transit. We have moorings for 170 boats. We handle nearly 1,500 per year, they are often tourists traveling down from the canals in the north who moor their boats for a few days while they visit Paris,” said Olivier Peresse-Gourbil, captain of the port, who’s proud of this site, which many Parisians don’t even know about. A few meters from the boats, on the Place de la Bastille, the modern opera house sits on the site of the former prison, a symbol of the French Revolution in 1789. Velib bikes, from the ingenious rental bike scheme that now forms part of the Paris landscape, slalom between the cars amid honking horns. The colorful and historic area of the Marais stretches behind the Rue Saint-Antoine, one of the city’s oldest streets.

Place des vosges is a haven, hidden away from all the commotion, where the entire neighbourhood seems to converge at lunchtime. Completed in 1612 during the reign of Louis XIII, whose statue stands in the center of the garden, the former royal square is surrounded by 36 bourgeois homes all with identical colors and designs. Several former ministers and a number of celebrities live here. Children, budding models, and tourists enjoy the lawns under the lime trees. Victor Hugo, author of Les Miserables, lived here in 1832-1848, in an apartment still open to the public. The Rue des Francs-Bourgeois, to the west of the square, leads to a whole new world, where history steps aside for fashion and design. The beautiful old stones have disappeared behind brightly colored shop windows. Paradoxically, the Marais may be one of the oldest parts of Paris, yet it looks to be one of the most modern and high-tech. Architects, graphic and fashion designers, and antique dealers compete with each other in a district that “Bobos” (Bohemian Bourgeois) have colonized over the last few years. Art galleries and clothes shops have gradually replaced local businesses, and even the falafel and shawarma shops on the Rue des Rosiers, which called Rue des Juifs, Street of the Jews, until 1900, have packed up.

The Marais, is a privileged neighborhood that has transformed over the years into a superb “museum quarter” encompassing the Musée Picasso and the Musée Carnavalet, covering the entire history of Paris. It’s also home to the futuristic and brightly colored pipes of the Centre Pompidou, the iconic temple of contemporary art that has just celebrated its 30th year. In this part of the 4th, you’re more likely to hear techno music than the sound of the accordion.

Chinese New Year Spectacular – Where Art Meets Technology

Imagine a backdrop of a vast ocean with surging waves for a grand dance called “The Eight Immortals Cross the Sea”. Or picture a fairyland landscape and palace for a dance called “Grinding an Iron Pestle Down to a Needle”. These are but two of the many classic creations used as a backdrop by NTDTV for its Chinese New Year Spectacular show playing at New York City Radio City Music Hall from February 14 – 17.

Tranquil artistic concepts from Chinese paintings and the magnanimous charisma of Western paintings are combined with a hi-tech application of traditional art, photo-electricity and projection used as backdrops. The combination makes for a rare delight of artistic performances. It is not surprising that the show ranked 7th on Billboard Magazine’s top 10 shows in Feb 2006 based on ticket sales for the 2006 shows at Radio City Music Hall.

Li Wencheng, head of the New England Monte Jade Science and Technology Association, said, “The backdrop for the NTDTV Chinese New Year Show is indeed rather unique and the skillful application of projection and photo-electricity has to be the creation of an expert.”

“The backdrop makers of the NTDTV show have extended the effect of our backdrops to its extreme,” noted Radio City’s Manager.

The enormous background screen used during NTDTV’s Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall has the effect of bringing the audience into the performance. In a typical stage setting, it is difficult to create a multidimensional effect, even with a large number of performers. The space on stage has limitations, and stage props also often give people a feeling of things being faked.

However, when Soprano-Alto Yang Jiansheng sings a vocal solo, she stands alone on the stage with no accompanying dance or stage props. However, the magnificent backdrop makes the audience feel as though they are right in the midst of the performance.

For example, in the 2006 Chinese New Year Spectacular, throughout the show the backdrop kept changing along with each performance, from misty rain, pavilions and towers, to the water-bound country in south China to shining spears and armored horses and famous mountains and rivers; from green bamboo and red flowers and the change of four seasons to the sun, the moon, the stars and the auspicious clouds in the highest heavens.

Colorful events that took place in the thousands of years of Chinese history were replayed to perfection on stage. The design of the backdrops was definitely the creation of an expert. The backdrops did not use dominant color themes to supersede the performers on the stage. Instead, they provided a very logical and harmonious artistic atmosphere.

Audiences of all ages and walks of life are guaranteed to be impressed by the backdrops in the 2007 show at Radio City Music Hall. Whether for the artistic and technologically advanced use of the screen or the magnificent performances, it is a show you don’t want to miss!

PH Towers by Westgate

The PH Towers by Westgate is a brand new sector of Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Located on the sin city strip at East Harmon Avenue and only 3 miles away from McCarran International Airport, this establishment has everything you could want in the 52 stories of luxury. This resort has a wonderful state-of -the-art meeting facility, health and fitness club, casino, and business center. Once you step through the grand entrance to Planet Hollywood all your needs are met with in a few yards of each other such as shopping, gaming, and entertainment. The hotel offers 24 hours concierge that handles everything from an early morning paper, directions, wake-up calls, room services, and personal shopping. Lately our clients have been requesting our PH Towers grand opening promotional rates that are provided to us by the hotel. We will talk more about this at the end and how you can obtain these rates for yourself.

As soon as you step outside of the resort you are greeted at the gorgeous tropical pool that is filled with white sand, which is captivated by the heated pool. The full bar makes it the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail or you can make your way up to the tropical sundeck that overlooks the pool. There are 32 private cabanas so be sure contact to pool concierge at the PH Towers by Westgate to reserve your space.

If you are the type of person that absolutely requires exercise as a daily routine, the PH Towers by Westgate has a state-of-the-art fitness and health club where you can break a sweat using the extensive collection of high-tech equipment. If you need a spot, schedule a training session with the highly skilled staff who will then direct you to one of the personal trainers on the spot if you are ready to go. As far as health and fitness are concerned, the PH Towers by Westgate has just about everything you need no matter what your preferences are.

If shopping is your thing, the PH Towers by Westgate is connected to the Miracle Mile Shop where you can find 170 different specialty stores to choose from. Surrounded by popular retail stores such as H&M and Victoria Secret and fifteen restaurants to choose from, shopping has never been this fun before.

The nightlife, entertainment, and casino/gaming side of the PH Towers by Westgate is a step away inside Planet Hollywood. With almost 3 acres a gaming space inside Planet Hollywood, there are thousands of slot machines to gamble at, and 82 table games to choose from. As you step into the Pleasure Pit that features blackjack and roulette, you are dealt by gorgeous women and the go-go dancers do not miss a beat while shaking it to the music. Nightlife is always a favorite subject in Las Vegas and it is very easy to lose you inhibitions at the Heart Bar, Extra Lounge, Living Room, and Privé inside Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. There is a handful of entertainment and performing arts that the PH Towers by Westgate offers during your stay. You can catch some of the biggest names and best entertainment at the Theater of Performing Arts and the CSI Showroom inside Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. If you are the type of person who likes to see some skin, a full throttle Peepshow accompanies you by a live band and 25 sexy performers from the worlds of pop music, film television, and Broadway for an award winning team. Peepshow collides with a sexy striptease, playful storytelling, and celebrity star power. The PH Towers by Westgate in Las Vegas appeals to all pleasurable senses that one can experience.

Las Vegas hotels are known famously known for entertainment, but spa treatment is growing widely amongst the resorts as a norm today. Planet Hollywood Spa by Mandara is the perfect spot to rejuvenate your body before a hot night in Sin City. The Mandara spa offers signature treatments such as a Japanese silk booster facial and the Hawaiian wave four-handed massage that will be sure leave all of your stress behind.

Lots a people travel the Las Vegas for business, and the business center inside the PH Towers by Westgate offers full services, convenient workstations, as well as helpful assistants who are they to accommodate your needs. Whether you are forming ideas or striking business deals at the business center inside the PH Towers by Westgate, you can be sure that this hotel will give you everything you need. The meeting facility inside the PH Towers by Westgate has all your meeting needs answered with three breakout rooms, and three boardrooms to choose from. The unique feature such as floor-to-ceiling windows and natural sunlight that shines though out the rooms offers a state-of-the-art meeting facility with numerous extras that are unexpected to be there.

The PH Towers by Westgate has three different room accommodation types to choose from. The studio suites inside this Las Vegas hotel are 450 square feet and come with multiple amenities to choose from. The studio suites have a 32″ flat-screen LCD HD television, as well as cable and on-demand movies to choose from. Surrounded by custom designed furnishings, the studio suites come with a king bed and queen sized sofa sleeper to rest at. The PH Towers by Westgate studio suites have kitchenettes with high-end stainless steel appliances. Floor-to-ceiling windows shine light through these accommodations. The bathrooms are marble-accented with elegance. Rinse off in the spa tub or in the separate shower, and be sure to use the in-room bath products that the PH Towers by Westgate provides you with.

The one bedroom suite inside the PH Towers by Westgate redefines luxury. Each of the suites is 870 square feet that come with a king bed and queen sized sofa-sleeper. Floor-to-ceiling windows stretch throughout the entire length of the suites. You will find a 42″ flat-screen, which is one of three LCD HD televisions that are connected to a surround sound system. Wireless Internet, dual-line telephones, cable television, and on-demand movies are provided to you by the PH Towers by Westgate. The one bedroom suites have a full kitchen with high-end stainless steel appliances and custom in-room furnishings. There is an oversized jet stream tub and there is a separate shower area in the marble-accented bathroom that features signature PH Towers bath products.

Maximum Luxury is seen inside the PH Towers by Westgate as you enter the 1500 square foot two-bedroom suites. There is a full kitchen and kitchenette that come with high-end stainless steel appliances, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows that shine sunlight on the custom-designed furnishings throughout the room. The two-bedroom suite inside the PH Towers by Westgate have two king beds and two queen sofa-sleepers, along with four LCD HD television that connect to a surround-sound system. There are dual-line telephones as well as wireless Internet if you brought a laptop computer. Cable and in-room movies on demand are just a click away. The two-bedroom suite provides other chic amenities such as two marble-accented bathrooms that have two spa tubs with their own separate showers. The PH Towers by Westgate will prove to you that the two-bedroom suite is the very definition of star-worthy accommodations.

Now that you have the full nine yards on the PH Towers By Westgate, go ahead and check out our website and then contact out agents who can provide you with special discounts on your next reservation.

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About Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech is a public institution that was founded on the 13th of October in 1885. The Georgia School of Technology had opened its doors in October 1888 to only 84 students. The creation of the school had ignited the spark of change from the largely agrarian South to an industrial economy. The first fifty years of GT saw growth from a somewhat narrowly focused trade school into a technological university that is regionally recognized.

The School’s name was changed to the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1948 in order to reflect the growing focus on more advanced technological and scientific research. The first women students were admitted to the school in 1952. In 1961 GT was the very first university in the Deep South to admit African American students without any court orders.

Recently, GT has been leading in the management of the global transition from what was an industrial economy to an information economy. Georgia Tech has kept its focus on preparing its students to make use of innovative skills and disciplined work ethic in order to solve real-world problems that can help improve lives of people all over the world.

Georgia Tech is known for sponsoring more than 400 different organization and student clubs. These include professional associations, special-interest clubs, religious organizations, ethnic clubs and social and academic sororities and fraternities. Their students have numerous opportunities to participate in many of the performance and visual arts programs like musical shows, concerts, art shows and plays. Georgia Tech also sponsors many intramural sports activities like billiards, ultimate Frisbee, badminton, flag football, badminton and sand volleyball.

The main campus of GT occupies over 400 acres in Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia Tech also operates a satellite campus in the Savannah. They also have a field research station in Griffin which is in the South of Atlanta.

Georgia Tech also offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Lorraine in France, a research center in Athlone in Ireland. In Asia, the Georgia Institute of Technology has a campus in Singapore. They also offer cooperative degree programs in conjunction with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, as well as, Peking University. In Latin America, Georgia Tech offers students in Costa Rica some limited degree programs

The Georgia Institute of Technology has six colleges. The University’s highly ranked graduate schools include the College of Management and College of Engineering. Georgia Institute of Technology is also classified by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching as a university with very high research activities. Georgia Tech’s many famous alumni include founder of The Masters golf tournament Bobby Jones, comedian Jeff Foxworthy, and baseball player Nomar Garciaparra. Georgia Tech’s first full-time football coach was John Heisman, and the Heisman Memorial Trophy was named in his honor. The Georgia Institute of Technology’s school newspaper, which is called “The Whistle,” is so named because of the steam whistle in the Tech Tower. The Tech Tower’s steam whistle blows every hour and each time the school’s football team the Yellow Jackets scores a touchdown.

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Safety Tips For Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

Features of Aluminum alloy scaffolding tower

Aluminum alloy scaffolding tower is a combination of new mobile aluminum scaffolding, which is widely used in various construction projects in the indoor and outdoor construction, renovation and a variety of high-altitude operations; its structural features are: diverse and flexible combination, easy to install and easy to move, safe and reliable performance. Aluminum alloy scaffolding tower is a new type of scaffold system in the field of construction and renovation, which can more easily meet the operational requirements of works due to its diverse and flexible combination.

Safety tips for using aluminum alloy scaffolding tower:

(1)The aluminum scaffolding tower should be installed by more than 2 technical personnel on the site and ensure to use the correct installation method.

(2)Test whether the ground to build the scaffolding tower is capable of the maximum load capacity required by the scaffolding tower.

(3)Check all parts before building the tower to ensure that all parts are qualified; Test whether the tower is vertical with the use of the level meter after the tower is installed and then it can be used.

(4)When the aluminium scaffolding tower is separately being built, the highest working platform cannot be more than 8 meters when being used outdoors, the highest working platform cannot be over 12 meters for indoor use, if it exceeds the relevant provisions, you must consult relevant experts and take appropriate protective measures.

(5)Lock the casters and unlock only when moving the tower.

(6)All towers should have edge protection material when being used, such as skirting boards, fences, etc.

(7)When the tower is used outdoors, if the wind speed is more than 6, the tower will be moved into shelters or increase the fix (add anchor) to prevent dumping.

(8)Do not generate the horizontal tension, such as the top of the scaffolding tower has the horizontal force and dump when it works close to the building.

(9)Pay attention to consider the impact of the wind when using scaffolding tower in the hollow building with no cap or corner.

(10)Check the tower verticality and security changes caused by environment before using, and revise and improve (adjust the caster to make the whole tower to be balance and vertical).

Influence of wind factors on scaffolding tower

The wind factors play a significant role when the aluminum alloy scaffolding tower is used at high altitude. scaffolding pole can safe work in the wind environment if you are careful and protect measures, while the wind factor becomes one of the most dangerous conditions of the aluminum scaffolding tower if the wind is large and there is no effective fixed and stable protection conditions. So we must consider and be concerned about the wind factor: Stop the scaffolding tower work when the wind speed> 7.7m per second; if the wind speed is 11.3m per second, the tower will be tied to the building; Dismantle the tower if it is up to 18m per second.

Art Deco Designed Chicago Aristocrat Tower At Prairie Station

Aristocrat Tower Chicago condos are a great place to live because they are right there in one of Chicago’s most interesting historical zones. It’s a big deal when something is 100 years old in the United States. That’s why Chicago’s Prairie Station neighborhood is a big deal. It has history. It was the place where Chicago’s elite could be found in the 19th century. That’s why the Aristocrat Tower Chicago condos are a big deal. Because Prairie Station wants you back.

Prairie Station is becoming the grand place that it once was, only with the toys of our age, like the Aristocrat Tower Chicago condos. There are a lot of good times to enjoy there, a lot of jazz and blues to listen to, a lot of parks to visit-the Museum Campus for one and Millennium Park for another. Living in one of the Aristocrat Tower Chicago condos will put all of that at your fingertips.

Millennium Park is an awesome place to go for a relaxing afternoon, and living at one of the Aristocrat Tower Chicago condos allows you to do just that. You don’t have to travel to Chicago from out of town and worry about getting a hotel room, and when you’ll ever be able to see this place again. Millennium Park is a great place to have in your very own neighborhood. It’s a great place to take your date, or your kids. And it also has plenty of cultural events if you’re not into mindless meandering. There are events at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion and you can check out the Crown Fountain, which is really a big video screen with water coming out of it. The water lines up with the mouth of whomever’s face is on the screen. It’s like a garden sculpture, except with technology. Also in Millennium Park are the Lurie Garden and the Cloud Gate sculpture. You could see it all the time, in all its changing forms, if you lived in one of the Aristocrat Tower Chicago condos.

There are plenty of people who would love to live in one of the Aristocrat Tower Chicago condos. Never move into an area from which people and businesses are fleeing, unless you are in the habit of hoping for a miracle. If you want to have an interesting time in the city, always go where the people are. That’s where the entertainment is, where the jobs are. Art and culture follow the people. Shopping boutiques follow the people, and there are plenty of those in Prairie Station, as well as restaurants and posh cafes. These Aristocrat Tower Chicago condos are where the people want to be.

The Aristocrat Tower Chicago condos have it all-great atmosphere plus great conveniences. Choose from one of many contemporary residences nestled into a framework of art deco design and elegant architecture. But don’t forget the tech-high-speed elevators to whisk you up to your very own piece of the Aristocrat Tower Chicago condos and your fabulous view of the Chicago skyline. There is plenty for you to enjoy right there at home, including exercise areas for both you and your dog, a storage room for your bicycle, a game room and a private theater.

You won’t know whether you’re inside or whether you’re enjoying the beauty of the outdoors, because these Aristocrat Tower Chicago condos have such large, expansive windows and glass doors, with hardwood floors, granite countertops, and designer maple cabinets. At these Aristocrat Tower Chicago condos, every day is luxurious. Enjoy bathrooms with separate walk-in showers and luxurious soaker tubs.

When you purchase one of the Aristocrat Tower Chicago condos, you get your choices of several different floorplans. Hurry if you’re interested. The preconstruction phase is over, and it’s amazing that there are any condos still left. If you’re interested, and want to visit the presentation center and talk to a sales rep, the center is located at 2028 South Prairie Avenue, Chicago. The office is open Saturday-Wednesday, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Or you may call (312) 528-1000. You may also book an appointment or register on line.