The Design of Cooling Towers

As many of us know, a cooling tower is used in industrial air conditioning systems, usually in big factories and other buildings that use a lot of heat and power, and need to be cooled down. Th cooling tower does what its name suggestions, ans it cools warm water from the system’s chiller condenser, the tower is always found at the final point of the heat transfer procedure, as after the cooling tower, the excess heat is then transferred into the atmosphere. A tower usually come in one of two designs, the cross flow and the counter flow design.

The Cross Flow Tower

With cross flow tower, the flow of the water has to be at a very specific angle to the flow of the air in order for it to work, and this angle is the right angle. A cooling tower that uses cross flow technology will be box-shaped and it works by pumping the warm water to the top of the tower, where it is then distributed to the sides of the tower and dropped through small holes there. Then, plastic air intake louvers, which can be found at the side of the tower allow the water to spread out while dropping, and following this air is then sucked from the outside in to cooling tower by several fans. This air, once it comes into contact with the dropping water is then cooled, and falls to the bottom of the tower. This cooled water is pumped out once again and circulated through the chiller, then the excess heat from the chiller is transferred to the water once again, and the warm water is once more transferred to the top of the tower, meaning that the cycle begins again.

The Counter Flow Tower

The second type of tower, the counter flow, works a little differently, as they have the passage of air flowing directly against the flow of water. Although the water follows the same pattern as cross flow cooling towers, as the water is allowed to spread out. However, these towers are more funnel shaped and there is only one single fan at the centre of the tower as opposed to several and fitted below that fan is the rotating water pipe distributor. The pipes of the water distributor shoot water from one side, and this action rotates the distributor. Thanks to the distributor, the water is the dropped evenly over the air inlet louvers, and as the water drops, it meets the air current, and the air cools the water. The water that then collects the at the bottom of the cooling tower is pumped into the chiller, heats up again and then returns to the cooling tower.

The purpose of a cooling tower is obviously to cool water, and while this was only a very brief introduction to cooling towers, there is a wealth of information on them online. So if you’d like to know more about them, start looking online, and you will be able to discover more about them, from their history, the reasons of them and even how you could become involved with cooling tower companies, it’s really up to you.

What Technology is Being Used For GPS Motorcycle Tracking?

There is nothing magical to GPS technology, 24 satellites orbiting at 55 degrees to the equatorial plane hammer the earth with precise radio pulses all day and night. These pulses are received by GPS receivers, and the location is derived based on the distance from the satellites.

However, not all location devices calling themselves GPS are really GPS. There is a technology called Assisted GPS (or sometimes AGPS) which is based on cell tower triangulation, having little if anything to do with GPS. Sometime also called “Location Based Servicing” (LBS) this uses proximity to cell towers to derive location. Since a minimum of three cell towers is required, it is not as accurate as true GPS. Some GPS motorcycle tracking devices being used now use the AGPS, since its cheaper for them and not necessarily going to give bike owners reliable help.

There are two advantages to LBS or AGPS, one is that its cheaper for the service provided and two the strength of the cell signal is stronger. However, if the device cannot pick up at least three cell towers, no location can be derived. Consequently, this technology works in more urban settings than in rural settings.

Once you have determined that you are dealing with a true GPS device, one has to determine which GPS Motorcycle Tracking is being used. Older GPS technologies require direct exposure to the horizon by either the device or an external antenna, which can make concealment a challenge. 3rd Generation GPS technology (SiRFStar III) works off of a reflective GPS signal. This means that the GPS device can be easily concealed without the need for the need for external antennas. This GPS Motorcycle Tracking technology can track inside garages and warehouses, where earlier generation GPS technologies could not.

The Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater A Great Solutions For Cold Wintry Days

Its time to batten down the hatches and get ready for those dark and chilly days of winter, have you got a extra heater or two to keep warm? How about in the office were you really can’t use a blanket and it gets petty nippy sometimes. There are many space heaters available in the market today but one brand that has gained in popularity is Lasko ceramic tower heater.

Since 1906 the Lasko Company has been producing quality products for the consumer, it is a worldwide manufacturer of ceramic heaters, humidifiers and other products. They are know for the state of the art technology and for using the highest quality standards on all products manufactured. The Lasko ceramic heaters offer a great affordable solution for those cold winter days and nights. Ceramic heaters have grown in popularity because of their ability to heat up quicker, spread the heat more evenly and cost efficiency. They run quietly even at the higher setting, that’s one thing many heaters can’t do. They are also safer since they do not have the heating elements exposed, which can be a hazard.

Among the many attributes of these heaters it is composed of a ceramic elements that is self-regulating and will automatically shut off when the system overheats. The user controls of the heaters are well located easily accessible and identifiable so as not to cause any problems in its use. Since we like to take the warmth with us. One of the nice things about them is that they are very portable and can be carried anywhere since they are light and easy to handle.

Among their top models is the Lasko 758000 Cyclonic Ceramic Heater that has a seven-hour timer with adjustable thermostat and auto thermostat controlled settings. The Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat that has 900 watt low power setting to 1500 high power setting along with an adjustable thermostat so you can set the temperature to whatever is most comfortable for you. There are many other models to choose from depending on your needs and preferences.

As with everything else technology has greatly improved in space heaters and they have become safer and quieter. These are the traits of the Lasko Ceramic tower heater and what has made them preferred by so many. If you are seeking a great affordable solution to keep warm this winter, then you should consider the Lasko ceramic tower heater.