More Construction Has Led to Increased Tower Crane Sales

The trend of constructing tall buildings and large houses has increased tower crane sales and the distributors are observing the increased demand, which was badly affected during the recession period. The development of large projects requires large bars of steel and cement in order to build multistory buildings and houses for which using tower crane is essential. This article will discuss some of the factors that lead to an increase in sales and guide you about the usage, features and durability of the product.

Target Market
The target market for tower crane sales is large construction companies and builders. As the population is increasing day by day, the need for new housing projects and buildings is also increasing. Therefore, these tower crane manufacturers are focused on meeting the requirement by reaching to their target market and increasing sales.

After Sales Services
As the demand for constructing new multistory complexes has brought an increase in tower crane sales, the construction equipment agencies are focusing more on promotional campaigns such as the after sales services in order to provide comfort and ease to their clients. This definitely requires trained staff of engineers that can be of good use when needed and can help resolve problems with minimum downtime.

Tower cranes differ in terms of size, quality and price. Price is the major challenge that is presently being faced by the equipment industry. These cranes are very expensive which can have a negative impact on the sales. However, the quality and durability being offered by well-known companies is worth its cost. Chinese brands are however less expensive but does not offer the same quality as provided by these known brands.

There are several tower crane models that have recently been introduced resulting in further increase in sales. Some of these models include QTZ31.5, OTZ63 A, QTZ40, QTZ80 A, QTZ63 B, QTZ100A and several others. These models comprise of slewing self-climbing, trolley travel, horizontal jib frame, and novel structure.

These tower cranes are being used worldwide and it has been observed the there is awareness among both developed and underdeveloped countries regarding the recent technology being used in its development. However, there is a misconception that lower price of a product result in higher sales. This might be true for some products, however in case of these cranes it is the quality and durability that matters the most. Thus, the manufacturers and agencies should focus more on the quality side rather than the price in order to increase sales. Furthermore, government should also take a step forward and invest more on such equipments in order to improve the infrastructure of the state.

Definitive Technology Speakers – Industry’s Highest Quality

When you’re looking for high performance speakers for your home, only one name should come to mind-Definitive technology. Based in Owings Mills, MD, Definitive technology is the brain child of Sandy Gross, Don Givogue and Ed Blais-the company started creating acoustical works of art in 1990. Definitive technology speakers has given us the VCIB Mythos 1 Tower Speaker-a single silver speaker that has 2 five and a quarter inch high definition midrange drivers and a one inch pure aluminum dome tweeter.

With two mid range drivers and a tweeter, you’ll be amazed at the performance this Definitive technology speaker gives. Of course, no matter what you’re looking for-wall mounted speakers, floor units, subwoofers or anything in between, Definitive has got exactly what you’re looking for. If you are tired of paying way too much for inferior audio quality, it’s time to let Definitive take over your home sound performance issues.

They’re dedicated to quality in electronics and design. You’ll find a wide variety of components that will suit any decor in your home. What you’ll really appreciate is how easily these pieces fit into your home; you won’t need to redecorate just to match up your audio system. These are classic, timeless pieces that will keep looking good and bringing attractive and suitable audio enjoyment to your family for years to come.

Definitive Technology high end loudspeakers are sold across the United States at a variety of dealers. There is an audio solution to meet every budget when you buy Definitive Technology speakers. There are also solutions for different needs in your home as well as outdoors. To begin, Definitive creates the perfect home theater systems, combining the perfect components to give you the most complete listening experience possible.

They also sell floor standing speakers as well as wall/shelf mounted speakers. These floor speakers can come with or without built in sub-woofers. Wall or shelf mounted speaker components are discreet and unobtrusive yet get the job done, every time. The VCIB Mythos 1 Tower Speaker has a frequency response of 20Hz to 30 Hz and has 2 bass drivers and 2 bass radiators. This is the perfect addition to your home theater system.

Definitive Technology stands behind all of their product lines and is pleased to help educate consumers about the basics and also the advanced details behind creating the perfect acoustical setup for yourself, no matter how big or small your audio system is.

Work with a Definitive Technology dealer to design the best home theater system in your neighborhood. Who’s house do you think they guys will want to go to when they’re ready to watch the game? Tell your wife to call the pizza delivery guy ahead of time, they’re going to be coming in droves to watch every minute and hear every last crunch of the game from your living room.

Definitive Technology has been winning awards since they stuck a toe in the water of the home audio pool. Each year, industry magazines sing their praises and award them with trophies galore. Sure it’s great to get some recognition but that’s not why the trio from Maryland started the company. They are truly in love with what they do.

When you’re ready to set up your home theater or outdoor area with the perfect audio equipment, wouldn’t you rather buy from someone who is going to give you the best quality for the lowest price and devote themselves to your audio experience? Of course you would-find a Definitive Technology speakers dealer today and get ready for the audio experience of a lifetime with the VCIB Mythos 1 Tower Speaker.

Effective Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Here in the Phoenix metropolitan area, adverse water conditions require intelligent water treatment strategies to adequately maintain water cooled equipment. Proper management of the characteristics of the cooling tower sump water along with maintaining good tower hygiene in general accomplishes at least four positive things.

1) It avoids wasting excess water.

2) It inhibits scale formation.

3) It controls biological growth.

4) It reduces the corrosion rate of metal parts in the tower.

Let’s discuss how a cooling tower operates to understand why proper water treatment is important.

Most residents in the valley are familiar with an evaporative cooler. Water from the evaporative cooler sump is circulated by a pump over pads in the evaporative cooler and outside air is drawn through the pads. As the air is drawn through the wet pads some of the water evaporates and cools the air. The cooler air is then circulated into the space where cooling is desired. In the process of cooling the air, the water being recirculated across the pads is also cooled.

That is exactly the same principle being employed in the cooling tower, but on a much grander scale. Rejecting large quantities of heat from a building’s mechanical system requires a lot of water to be evaporated. For example, a one hundred ton water cooled chiller operating at full capacity for 24 hours would require the evaporation of more than four thousand gallons of water. That brings us to the subject of the characteristics of the make up water. Make up water is the water supply that replaces the water being evaporated in the cooling tower.

Here in the metro area, water conditions vary widely because our water comes from several different wells as well as surface sources. The water quality may change rapidly over a short period of time because different sources are utilized for the water supply. Each well has different water characteristics and they often vary widely from one side of town to the other. Water that comes from surface sources, like the Central Arizona Project will usually have significantly different characteristics than well water. Surface water quality may also be influenced by weather conditions such as drought or increased runoff.

As water evaporates in the cooling tower all of the non-volatile components stay behind in the sump of the cooling tower. There is actually a lot more in water than what we would call hardness (carbonates). There are also chlorides, suspended dust particles and biological microorganisms. As more and more water is added to replenish the water that is being evaporated, these dissolved and suspended components in the sump water continue to accumulate. If no measures are taken to control the concentration of these components in the water, the solution eventually increases in concentration to a point where “stuff” starts coming out of solution. This “stuff” ends up getting deposited on the surfaces that the water comes in contact with.

Have you ever seen an evaporative cooler where the pads haven’t been changed for a long while? I’ve seen them so encrusted with mineral deposits that the blower could no longer pull air through them. I’ve also seen them produce a bounty of biological growth in the sump water. That is exactly what will happen in a cooling tower without adequate attention to hygiene and an appropriate water treatment strategy.

When solids that are dissolved in water come out of solution they are deposited first on heat exchange surfaces and surfaces where the water is being evaporated. Heat exchangers, water cooled condensers, drift eliminators, the tube bundle in closed circuit cooling towers and the fill in open cooling towers are a few examples of surfaces where this occurs.

Deposition of mineral scale, dirt and biological fouling on any heat exchange surfaces can result in reduced heat transfer, reduced tower efficiency and increased energy costs. While reducing deposition of these is important with regard to the cooling tower, it is absolutely critical to avoid scaling or fouling in the water cooled condenser. Scaling and fouling in the condenser significantly reduces heat transfer capability and will seriously impact energy costs, performance and reliability.

A two part strategy is usually employed to manage the mineral content of the sump water. Part one is to maintain the sump water pH within allowable limits and to feed the correct type and amount of chemicals to help the water keep more of the dissolved solids in solution. Part two is intentionally sending some of the sump water down the drain (blow down). Blow down reduces the highly concentrated mineral content of the sump water by diluting it with the fresh make up water being added to replace the intentionally wasted water.

Biological growth can also become a significant health risk depending on the particular organism involved. Allowing mud and biological growth to accumulate in the sump of a cooling tower can accelerate corrosion of the sump and shorten the life cycle of the cooling tower. It can also provide a haven for microbes to escape the effects of a biocide.

Proper water treatment strategy and good cooling tower hygiene is not a one size fits all solution. The quality of the make up water will require an adjustment of the type of the chemicals and biocide utilized. It may also require changing feed and blow down rates for proper control. In addition, these requirements may be altered by the characteristics of each individual cooling tower installation.

According to Alan Bateman of DB Water Technologies, there are several things a good cooling tower water treatment program should address in order to be effective. They are total dissolved solids (TDS), hardness, pH, chlorides, suspended solids, an appropriate method for biological control and a proper blow down strategy. Each cooling tower manufacturer publishes recommendations for maintaining proper water conditions of the sump water. The advice of a qualified water treatment professional is advised to ensure that each item above is included in your overall strategy for cooling tower water treatment.