What Is Hot And What Is Not In Technology

Top 10 Winners Predicted for 2007 1. Content Filtering With web content and syndication growing at a rapid pace locating information is becoming more of a struggle for web surfers. The abundance of content has made filtering critical to time management. As a result, content filtering and solutions that help with content filtering will be winners in 2007. 2. Pesonalized Search and Vertical Search will be a winner in 2007 Search 2.0 will be all about filtering and personalized search. Niche portals with targeted focus will play in vertical search and authority sites will gain even more traction. 3. Social Bookmarking and Social Networks Social bookmarking is the new black. The collective voice has not only gained momentum but it has also attracted the most savvy web marketers. While there is still power of the collective voice, social networks and social bookmarking has gained attention, the masters behind these networks will need to stay a step ahead of the spammers to stay in the game. The danger is that the crowd, will become upset that a small group is profiting from the collective voice. The “crowd” will likely to manipulate the collective voice in 2007. 4. RSS RSS is about choice and users choosing the content they wish to subscribe. RSS’ adoption will reach significant numbers and even the naysayers will be unable to ignore its success in 2007. 5. iPod / iPhone / Video iPod / iTunes Apple has found a sweet spot with its iPod and the iTunes model. Expanding the types of content consumed and the use of iPods and similar devices (ie. iPhone) will flourish. 6. Cyber Security Privacy as we once knew it will never again exist. That does not mean that webmasters should be come complacent about security. Cyber security will be a necessity in 2007. 7. Going Green Alternative energy and going green is in. Geothermal and hydroelectric power are hot, heck there is little in this field that is not heating up. Clean energy and alternative hybrid sources will prosper in 2007. 8. PodSafe Music Independent musicians who are willing to grant podcasters licensing rights will garner the interest and attention of the masses without having to go through a major record label. Opportunities will be plentiful in the area of podsafe music. 9. Videocasting – Video Podcasting Software tools and technology have made videos accessible to all. Independent artists, realtors, and sports enthusiasts are flocking to this new medium. It is expected that this growth will continue throughout the new year. 10. Online Real Estate While the real estate market is cooling down selling homes on the Internet is hot. Online Real Estate auctions on eBay showed Realtors a new way to reach a larger audience. Home buyers from across the country can use RSS and/or filtering to monitor properties as they come on the market from specific regions or zip codes. Honorable Mentions 1. Web Services (Software as a Service) 2. Mobile Web 3. International Web 4. Local Web 5. Podcast Quality 6. Video Advertising Top 10 Losers Predicted for 2007 1. Zune Lets face it, the future of the Zune is in Apple’s hands more than it is in Microsoft’s. The fact is, unless Apple makes a huge misstep with the iPod, it is unlikely that Microsoft’s Zune will have any luck gaining significant market share. 2. Software Patent Microsofts attempt to patent RSS will fail miserably. In fact software patents in general will suffer in 2007. 3. Websites that Infringe on Copyrights Perhaps this is simply wishful thinking. Somehow, somewhere, someone will crack down on flagrant website copyright violations in 2007. 4. Video Conferencing Video conferencing has chilled. Video is seen more as an entertainment medium. 5. Social Wikis Wikis are becoming victims of persistent individuals with too much time on their hands. Credibility has and will continue to suffer in 2007. 6. Journalistic Accountability News and tabloid reporting are becoming more difficult to separate, unfortunately journalsists with integrity will continue to suffer as more citizen journalists and bloggers fail to check sources and confirm stories. 7. YouTube in Court YouTube has brought video to the masses. While technology has made videos accessible Google has ignored the issue of copyrights, Google’s pockets are simply too deep, in 2007 they will be held accountable for hosting content that violates western copyright laws. 8. Outsourcing Customer service and privacy concerns have cooled big business interest in outsourcing, this trend will continue in 2007. 9. Privacy Individual privacy will continue to suffer in 2007. Not a lot can be said about this, the advent of the Internet has meant that privacy will never again exist as we once knew it. 10. Web Legislation Attmepts to legislate the Internet ecosphere will fall flat. While these are our predictions of what will be hot and what will not be in 2007, we thought you would like to review other web predictions for 2007.

From “fast Technology” To “slow Technology”

The development of science and technology is not necessarily a plus for our lives, along with its potential problems like overload brought about by advances in information technology and interference. In the end, maybe we need new technology to solve old technology. From the efficiency of the first fast technology “to the people of this for first” slow Technology, “which may achieve this? See a couple in the street a few days ago, with an umbrella in the rain quietly sitting on the bench on the side of the road, this is a very warm memories, if the two are not each holding a cell phone dedicated input with what … As the Microsoft Windows Phone promotional video of the show, similar scenes should have been for most people, is no stranger to commute in the restaurant dinner table, in the park, and you could see glued to the phone and not pay attention to the actual landscape around person. I sometimes unconsciously similar behavior, but when she saw the Cult of Mac introduced this designed for iPhone users, so that they can more easily at any time to use their own cell phone jeans, I suddenly realized that this behavior see how funny. Refused smartphone technology philosophers Kevin Kelly might think the midst of addiction course of the year in science and technology reporter Paul Miller, one may think so, twice the founder of start-up companies, famous angel investor Joe Kraus obviously so thought. Its last month held a keynote speech titled “Slow Tech”, expressed his concern for the impact of modern technology on our attention and creativity. In his view, had never had to count the website, to the constant flow of social media information flow, and then to carry mobile tablet device push the growing proliferation of modern technology to bring before some interference reality exchanges around life adversely affected, and also allow people to focus on more difficult than in the past to a particular thing, but constantly seek new stimulus for creative work devastating consequences. Fast technology worry As it was claimed the phone reading to take full advantage of the debris as heavy users of smart phones often have such a habit – constantly come up with the phone, view the above, there is no new information that would otherwise boring idle time in the this era is indeed fully utilized. But on the one hand, these fragments of time that it was not such worthless people think, recall when you most inspired: not busy to cope with the large number of irrelevant complicated information, but in those who do not have a particular matter time of debris (bathing, waiting for the subway …), fragments of time so that our brain is free to deal with those that we usually do not have the energy to deal with the information, inspiration often from ubiquitous technology so these fragments of time no longer exist, How much creativity does not disappear in that which is not that a pity. On the other hand, the side effects of the time to view the behavior of the new information, we become more and more easy for the interference of outside information, and more difficult to focus on one thing. In this case, we can multi-task parallel, many people said. But we really can cope with multi-tasking? The study shows that are good at multi-tasking is not a human brain, our brain is made during the so-called multi-tasking is actually only between different tasks quickly switch. In this case, the efficiency of our work is not only reduced by 40%, also a significant decline in the level of intelligence. These all the time interference caused not only limited to how technology is changing the relationship between people has been a sociologist and Internet practitioners interested in the topic. Not long ago, the Atlantic article entitled “Facebook make us more lonely?” Article caused controversy, the article mentioned the point of view of of John – Iker okpo Professor, University of Chicago: “The network just provide a false intimacy, This relationship can never replace a real person. “although in fact the case can not be determined, but from the text of the first of a couple of cases we can see, when we continue to view the phone in front of others and other information, this behavior The implicit message is: “I view things on the phone is more important than you.” this information be caused by a relationship what the consequences are very obvious. The potential of science and technology Advances in technology might make us slowly lose something, but corresponding, may bring new opportunities for us. Famous American investor, writer Paul Kedrosky, when we use the Internet and social media face huge data and information in some cases is a distraction, but they also might be our new inspiration sources. The evolution of science and technology Revolutionized our social form as the invention of the book, we may also are in a similar change era, while technology can bring problems as those mentioned previously may just be a transition in the change process. The research groups named SlowTech reason why information technology is becoming more of a variety of problems, because information technology since its founding date only purpose is to improve the efficiency and speed of the work environment, the user, the so-called “fast technology”. Consumer technology increasingly mainstream technology for us is no longer just means work, have better communication and understanding with your friends, inspire more creative inspiration attributes, this meaning between efficiency and life the best balance. In the end, perhaps just as Microsoft ad said, we need new technology to rescue us from the old technology. From the efficiency of the first fast technology “to the people of this for first” slow Technology, “which may achieve this?

What Is The Connection Between Embedded Frequency Technology And Quantum Generator Technology?

The applied science of embedded frequency technology and how the applied science of Quantum Generator Technology have come together to create amazing devices that is directly affecting the health and well being of humans, animals and plants. This article will speak about what these 2 seemingly separate areas of scientific application are and how they have come together to utilize frequency to heal the human body, make plants grow vigorously and have a much calmer, healthier dog or cat. Embedded frequency technology is a rather broad field of science relating to embedding information, i.e. frequencies, into IC chips for the purpose of storage and retrieval of data. One of the most frequent uses of the term is in conjunction with RFID, Radio-frequency identification of animals and humans. The embedded frequency technology term can also be used with the newly emerging Quantum Generator Technology because of what the Quantum Generators do to stones. Stones or crystals have a very special ability to store information, such as frequency, that can be retrieved and utilized to affect the physiology of the human body. Numerous experiments have been done by many scientists over the decades to prove that frequencies do indeed affect the human body in different ways. Just for a moment picture yourself inside a large microwave oven. If the oven were to be turn on you would be cooked from the inside out in a fairly short time. By no means am I suggesting you step inside a microwave oven. It is just an illustration to point out that certain frequencies are being used everyday to do things like cook food for you to eat. So a newly emerging science known as Quantum Generator Technology has the ability to permanently infuse certain frequencies directly into the crystalline structure of a stone! When a person happens to wear a stone pendant treated in this way it will cause their body’s frequency to increase by a factor of 2 to 10 times or more! This frequency increase of ones body is an amazing thing to witness! There have been hundreds of scientific tests done to show that it actually happens. So how is this possible? How can wearing a stone pendant permanently infused in this way cause the human body’s frequency to increase? And for that matter why would you want to increase your body’s frequency in the first place? Well, some of the answers to these questions started a long tome ago with a famous medical research scientist, known for his diligent work ethnic, discovery that certain frequencies had a ‘Mortal’ effect on cancer cells within the human body. His studies also suggested that frequency can be applied in different ways to accomplish the same thing. That same thing is ridding the body of any disease! Other scientists are now discovering that certain frequency vibrations can be placed within the crystalline structure of a stone, that when the stone is worn on the human body, causes the wearers’ frequency to increase. Discoveries about the positive effects on the human body as well as animals & plants are being discovered everyday. Many people have reported a much greater sense of balance and clarity of thinking. More and more research needs to be done in all area of application relating to this amazing technology known as Quantum Generator Technology.

The Business Benefits of Speech Technology & Voice Recognition Technology

In business, it is always necessary to try to stay ahead, use new technology and be innovative. Looking for ways to improve service and provide a better experience for your customers comes down to improvements in customer service and more efficiency in operations. You have the ability to make use of new speech to text and voice recognition technology to help you provide top notch service to your clients. Using Technology Every industry can benefit from improvements in customer service. New developments in speech to text and voice recognition technology has allowed for businesses to improve their customer service drastically. Everyone from writers to medical services to call centers can use voice recognition software to provide service that is more fluent. Voice recognition software can also help to reduce costs, increase productivity and reduce stress for both customers and employees. Benefits to Expect Voice recognition software allows a business to put employees to better use. Software can handle answering incoming calls and routing calls. It can enable a company to reduce staff and cut training costs. Many tedious job duties related to phone operations can be streamlined and simplified. Instead of having an employee who answers and routes phone calls, the software can handle the task. This allows that employee to be put to better use elsewhere or the position to be eliminated all together. For call centers, voice recognition software can free up agents to handle calls that are more complex. Simple calls can be handled through the system where customers can guide themselves to the answers they need. Speech to text software is perfect for anyone who wants to multitask. It makes it simple to dictate notes or documents verbally to the program that then turns those spoken words into written text. This is perfect for administrators, writers and ideal for those who spend much of the day moving around without time to spend in front of a computer. There are some programs that can be used via a mobile phone, which sends the information back to the computer. Advances to Appreciate The advances in voice recognition and text to speech technology have been great. If you have ever used an automated phone system then you can probably agree that these programs are advancing. In the beginning, voice recognition and text to speech technology had many draw backs. The different accents and ways of saying words could confuse the system. This would lead to frustration on the part of the person using the system. Today’s systems, though, are much more advanced. They are better made to recognize hard to understand accents and alterations in the way people speech. This has reduced frustrations with voice recognition programs and allows them to be more readily used by businesses. There is no need to be concerned about implementing a voice recognition program in your company. Thee are a range of options and different programs that allow you to find the system that will best suit your needs and allow you to best serve your customers and employees.

Technology Public Relations Firms Have to Accentuate the Positive Aspects of Technology

Today’s technological achievements truly are astounding. The things that we can do with great ease today would have confounded and perplexed previous generations. It would have been quite a shock for a denizen of the Middle Ages or from Feudal Japan to walk into a modern day electronics store. More than likely, these individuals would stand mouths agape at the twinkling wonders that seem sound bountiful. They would have a hard time comprehending many of the devices’ purposes, let alone know how to use it. It is sobering however, to think that a few hundred years time, future generations will think that way about the current generation. They will view whatever future wonders lie ahead, such as teleportation, commercial space travel, time travel, or perhaps jetpacks, as commonplace and would have a hard time thinking about how they would live without them. But that is neither here nor there, as all that is pertinent is that in this day and age, technological advancements are happening on a daily basis and are quite astounding. But with each new science or even sometimes with each new household appliance, there comes a certain amount of skepticism or doubt regarding a new technology. People start to wonder if they actually need whatever brand new innovation has just been released to the general public. Others may decide to take a decidedly more hostile approach when dealing with new technological achievements. Some segments of the population may regard certain advancements as morally reprehensible, and should never have been pursued in the first place. This is a common occurrence that has taken place far too many times throughout the course of human existence. With the advent of stem cell research, organ transplants, and abortions, some people have resisted the natural forward progression of human science in favor of a narrow minded and decidedly short sighted approach to dealing with problems the world faces. This is precisely why so many research firms have employed the services of a highly skilled and fully qualified firm that specializes in the field of technology public relations. A highly skilled and fully qualified firm that specializes in the field of technology public relations can help research companies sell their products to the masses, but not in a traditional advertising or marketing sense. Rather, a highly skilled and fully qualified firm that specializes in the field of technology public relations can help shape public opinion with regard to their clients’ needs. For example, if a technology public relations firm is employed by a company that conducts stem cell research, then that technology public relations firm has to do everything in its considerable power to protect their client’s reputation and fight the mountains of bad press that a controversial practice such as stem cell research can generate. Technology public relations firms have to let the public know that the good outweigh the bad, and they have to ensure that their clients are not marred by scandal. It is in this way that a highly skilled and fully qualified firm that specializes in the field of technology public relations can help their clients achieve their goals in science and business. All too often, good research falls pretty to the prejudices of an ill- informed public. It is therefore the duty of a highly skilled and fully qualified firm that specializes in the field of technology public relations to ensure that this does not happen so researchers can keep looking for the next breakthrough.