Rectangular Cooling Tower – For That Cutting Edge Cooling Tower Technology

Cooling towers have been most talked about in recent times as they cater to many large scale industrial applications. While setting up a factory for the manufacturing of heavy weight industrial processes, installation of such a tower is a must. These towers are basically heat removal devices that release process waste heat into the atmosphere. The circulating cooling water system within the tower absorbs all the heat from inside and thus contributes towards giving out a cooling effect. This function, compliments its usage in industries such as petroleum refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants, natural gas processing plants and nuclear power plants. Towers such as these enable the saving of time and energy and are a onetime investment so it’s always wise to invest in them from the start up itself. The size of these towers depends upon the different industrial processes; however standard size is 200 meters long, with a width of about 100 meters.

Various types of towers that offer good cooling are available in the market, with a whole lot of companies constantly trying to explain its advantages. A wide range of these include the rectangular cooling tower, round bottle cooling tower, cross flow cooling-tower and the fan and fills less cooling tower. Of these, the rectangular cooling tower made up of the fiberglass reinforced polyester is a popular name in industrial cooling. Just like other towers that provide cooling, the rectangular cooling tower is made up of heat resistant materials with aerodynamically designed louvers manufactured from extruded PVC to avoid water leakages.

These towers contain enough space to hold maximum volume of water for that hassle free working. The construction of this tower is such that all the parts it comprises of are indeed of utmost importance for its smooth functioning. Main parts include a fan, fan motor; PVC fills for better performance, and a steel structure. The corrosion resistant, axial flow type, light weight fan located at the top of the tower, ensures energy savings with maximum air flow. Whereas the low weight PVC fills in its place functions best for generating high performance and resistance against corrosion. These fills offer a right balance between heat transfers in comparison to the minimum restriction of air flow. Also, the steel structures within the towers are made up of superior quality steel, which help withstand any kind of activity.

Rectangular cooling towers in a nutshell are the best in cooling technology. Highly appreciated by all, these towers have been the finest heat removal devices that ensure safety and trouble-free working of your factory at all times. Most cost effective and least time consuming rectangular cooling towers are open for sale with a whole lot of brands. Make the right choice and buy a genuine quality product today.