Safety Tips For Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

Features of Aluminum alloy scaffolding tower

Aluminum alloy scaffolding tower is a combination of new mobile aluminum scaffolding, which is widely used in various construction projects in the indoor and outdoor construction, renovation and a variety of high-altitude operations; its structural features are: diverse and flexible combination, easy to install and easy to move, safe and reliable performance. Aluminum alloy scaffolding tower is a new type of scaffold system in the field of construction and renovation, which can more easily meet the operational requirements of works due to its diverse and flexible combination.

Safety tips for using aluminum alloy scaffolding tower:

(1)The aluminum scaffolding tower should be installed by more than 2 technical personnel on the site and ensure to use the correct installation method.

(2)Test whether the ground to build the scaffolding tower is capable of the maximum load capacity required by the scaffolding tower.

(3)Check all parts before building the tower to ensure that all parts are qualified; Test whether the tower is vertical with the use of the level meter after the tower is installed and then it can be used.

(4)When the aluminium scaffolding tower is separately being built, the highest working platform cannot be more than 8 meters when being used outdoors, the highest working platform cannot be over 12 meters for indoor use, if it exceeds the relevant provisions, you must consult relevant experts and take appropriate protective measures.

(5)Lock the casters and unlock only when moving the tower.

(6)All towers should have edge protection material when being used, such as skirting boards, fences, etc.

(7)When the tower is used outdoors, if the wind speed is more than 6, the tower will be moved into shelters or increase the fix (add anchor) to prevent dumping.

(8)Do not generate the horizontal tension, such as the top of the scaffolding tower has the horizontal force and dump when it works close to the building.

(9)Pay attention to consider the impact of the wind when using scaffolding tower in the hollow building with no cap or corner.

(10)Check the tower verticality and security changes caused by environment before using, and revise and improve (adjust the caster to make the whole tower to be balance and vertical).

Influence of wind factors on scaffolding tower

The wind factors play a significant role when the aluminum alloy scaffolding tower is used at high altitude. scaffolding pole can safe work in the wind environment if you are careful and protect measures, while the wind factor becomes one of the most dangerous conditions of the aluminum scaffolding tower if the wind is large and there is no effective fixed and stable protection conditions. So we must consider and be concerned about the wind factor: Stop the scaffolding tower work when the wind speed> 7.7m per second; if the wind speed is 11.3m per second, the tower will be tied to the building; Dismantle the tower if it is up to 18m per second.