The Benefits Of Living At The Porsche Design Tower: The Future of Modern Luxury Living

Elegant, convenient, and luxurious are just a few of the many qualities we can say about the Porsche Design Tower, a 57-story luxury condominium tower which is currently in development along Collins Avenue in the city of Sunny Isles Beach.

Sunny Isles Beach has definitely gotten more interesting thanks to the Porsche Design Tower hype buzzing all over the world of real estate. In fact, it won’t be a surprise if most of the units will have already been purchased despite the fact that these options cost over $1 million per unit. If you are looking for a glamorous investment of a lifetime, the Porsche Design Tower is definitely worth it.

Unique Parking Space

Forget about looking for a parking space; take your car straight home with you! The Porsche Design Tower allows you to take your car with you as you head to your unit, regardless of which floor it is located. It is safe to say that this is the number one highlight of living within the exquisite high-rise community.

Limited Units

The overall capacity of the Porsche Design Tower is 132 units which would mean more space per unit. The smallest unit starts at 3,800 square feet while the largest is around 9,000 square feet. Depending on your budget, you could either get a place that would serve as your vacation unit or your prime residence.

Next-Generation Security

The development project promises to deliver state-of-the-art technology to make residents feel safe at all times. With vehicle recognition software, residents will have a hassle-free experience entering and leaving their units knowing that the security will take care of everything while they are away.

The First of Its Kind

The future is definitely looking brighter now that we see new innovations on a regular basis. With the concept of modern luxury living behind the Porsche Design Tower development project, it is safe to say that this project is way ahead of the competition. Once the tower is complete, it will be recognized not only as the most advanced building in the country, but will also be the tallest oceanfront residential tower within the region as it is estimated to rise up to 650 feet.

All of the Best Amenities

Forget about leaving the vicinity for a relaxing spa or a fulfilling meal as the development project aims to provide all of the amenities for your convenience. From restaurants to gyms, you will find everything here. Not feeling like swimming by the beach? Sunrise and sunset swimming pools are your best alternatives among the many other facilities that will be offered exclusively to all residents.