What Is The Connection Between Embedded Frequency Technology And Quantum Generator Technology?

The applied science of embedded frequency technology and how the applied science of Quantum Generator Technology have come together to create amazing devices that is directly affecting the health and well being of humans, animals and plants. This article will speak about what these 2 seemingly separate areas of scientific application are and how they have come together to utilize frequency to heal the human body, make plants grow vigorously and have a much calmer, healthier dog or cat. Embedded frequency technology is a rather broad field of science relating to embedding information, i.e. frequencies, into IC chips for the purpose of storage and retrieval of data. One of the most frequent uses of the term is in conjunction with RFID, Radio-frequency identification of animals and humans. The embedded frequency technology term can also be used with the newly emerging Quantum Generator Technology because of what the Quantum Generators do to stones. Stones or crystals have a very special ability to store information, such as frequency, that can be retrieved and utilized to affect the physiology of the human body. Numerous experiments have been done by many scientists over the decades to prove that frequencies do indeed affect the human body in different ways. Just for a moment picture yourself inside a large microwave oven. If the oven were to be turn on you would be cooked from the inside out in a fairly short time. By no means am I suggesting you step inside a microwave oven. It is just an illustration to point out that certain frequencies are being used everyday to do things like cook food for you to eat. So a newly emerging science known as Quantum Generator Technology has the ability to permanently infuse certain frequencies directly into the crystalline structure of a stone! When a person happens to wear a stone pendant treated in this way it will cause their body’s frequency to increase by a factor of 2 to 10 times or more! This frequency increase of ones body is an amazing thing to witness! There have been hundreds of scientific tests done to show that it actually happens. So how is this possible? How can wearing a stone pendant permanently infused in this way cause the human body’s frequency to increase? And for that matter why would you want to increase your body’s frequency in the first place? Well, some of the answers to these questions started a long tome ago with a famous medical research scientist, known for his diligent work ethnic, discovery that certain frequencies had a ‘Mortal’ effect on cancer cells within the human body. His studies also suggested that frequency can be applied in different ways to accomplish the same thing. That same thing is ridding the body of any disease! Other scientists are now discovering that certain frequency vibrations can be placed within the crystalline structure of a stone, that when the stone is worn on the human body, causes the wearers’ frequency to increase. Discoveries about the positive effects on the human body as well as animals & plants are being discovered everyday. Many people have reported a much greater sense of balance and clarity of thinking. More and more research needs to be done in all area of application relating to this amazing technology known as Quantum Generator Technology.