A One of a Kind Dell Vostro 230 Mini Tower Review

Today we are going to see a different computer in this Dell Vostro 230 Mini Tower review. We know you are used to reading about laptops in our reviews, but today we thought of giving our readers something else to read about. So we bought this Vostro 230 Mini Tower to see just how well it performed at just $399. At first glance, it looks like a very capable desktop computer that can be successfully used as a low end server. However, is it really that capable? Let’s see how it did when put to the test.

Just like in our laptop reviews, we started testing the desktop’s most important component, the central processing unit (or as it is commonly known, the CPU). We were thrilled to find a very potent and powerful Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 working at a very good speed of 3.00 GHz, on a high speed front side bus (otherwise known as FSB) of 1333 MHz and with an incredibly large L2 cache of 6 MB. All these specs looked very promising so we started testing it. We were amazed with how quickly it managed to pass all our tests. When put through our most resource intensive multi tasking tests, it did not encounter a single problem. In our Dell Vostro 230 Mini Tower review, this desktop receives its well deserved 10 points.

Next it was time to test its memory and hard disk drive. These are very important to any desktop personal computer, so we conducted these tests very carefully. We started with the random access memory (RAM) and were surprised to find 4 GB of DDR3 RAM working at a high speed of 1333 MHz. During our most intensive memory tests, the RAM behaved extremely well due to its technology and high frequency. We were so delighted with the results that we gave the RAM 10 points in our Dell Vostro 230 Mini Tower review. The hard disk drive was, however, less than we had expected. With a size of just 160 GB, it barely managed to accommodate all our media files. Its high speed of 7200 rotations per minute made up for part of this nuisance. However, we are unable to give it more than 7 points in this Dell Vostro 230 Mini Tower review.

We were very satisfied with the graphics processing unit (GPU), proudly represented by a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GT220. 48 processing cores assure you this video card will run any one of the latest titles in the gaming industry. We are glad to give the desktop its well deserved 10 points in our Dell Vostro 230 Mini Tower review.

Refurbished Tower Servers: Quality Data Servers That Help Reduce Your IT Budget

Tower servers are commonly used for networking in businesses. Without a good server, your network will not be as effective and cause problems with daily processes. A server itself is a computer designed to handle specific purposes. The software used on these hardware components is a slight bit different from your basic desktop computer or laptop and is often referred to as server software. When selecting a server for vital business needs, the decision will greatly be based on its purpose. Most likely you will either be using a tower or rack server. There is a difference between these two servers. Choosing the wrong one can be disappointing and prevent goals from being accomplished.

A tower server is probably the most basic type you can purchase. They are also the least expensive type of server. Tower designed servers resemble a basic PC and can meet the demands of almost any business network. These hardware components do not have extra features such as advanced graphics. This is because they are designed to perform a specific task. Typically these work best when your company may need to upgrade in the near future. A rack server resembles a flat box and is averagely only one and a half inches in height. The major downside of this server types is limited expandability. These servers work better when a company has defined purposes for each server, limited space, and can afford the amount of mounted servers needed.

High Quality, Upgradeable Servers at a Reasonable Price

If tower servers are the best choice for your business, refurbished tower servers can cut down costs while still providing the performance and quality desired. Do not let the word “used” scare you. These servers are just as capable of performing networking and other business data functions as a brand new hardware component. When a server is refurbished, it is restored to its original factory condition. They test it to ensure all parts are functioning as they should be and it cannot be called refurbished until specific requirements have been met. These servers come with a limited warranty and support. If server problems such as outdated hardware or hardware problems are a concern, they can be leased for additional support and easy replacement. The main benefit of refurbished tower servers are decreased costs for the same quality equipment. This benefit allows your business to take advantage of the newest technology without eating away at the company budget.

Still not convinced that this option is right for your company? If so, ponder this question. Why would you spend more for the same thing? A refurbished server is no different than one you purchase brand new from a providing company. They are slightly used but well maintained. Most providers do no sell just any used hardware component. They make certain the product has not been overused or damaged through the various tests run on each server. Refurbished components can prove to be a very good opportunity for companies on a strict budget and do not make you give up the quality needed to meet the growing demands of your company.

Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers: For Small to Midrange Businesses

Dell storage solutions offer the latest built-in technologies for improved performance. The PowerEdge line has been designed to meet the budget requirements of small to medium-sized businesses. Various tower server models make it easy for any company to find a solution that not only meets their current needs but allows them to use more advanced technology. Dell PowerEdge tower servers are a great first-time buy because they work well for any business with twenty-five or less employees. They offer the additional opportunity of gaining dual-processing power, larger storage capacity, and multiple expandability features.

Refurbished IT StorageMakes Dependable Business Servers Easy to Obtain

A business can benefit greatly from the various models offered in the PowerEdge server series. Each model is geared to a specific set of business needs providing multiple choices to smaller businesses. Dell PowerEdge tower servers are an excellent way to begin implementing a server-based network. Smaller businesses sometimes have trouble fitting these new components into their budget. Any business should consider refurbished IT storage as a way to acquire necessary hardware without being restricted by cost. Refurbished components average fifty percent less in cost than when bought as new. The models discussed below can be found in both new and refurbished condition from various hardware providers.

The PowerEdge 2600 offers increased performance by using Intel Xeon processors and an enhanced chipset for better multitasking. It has been designed to provide more flexibility by adapting with application changes. Multiple storage compatibility options allow this server to support various workload sizes, data center environments, and work group setups. Design components have been included to reduce downtime as well as simplify system management.

The PowerEdge 2900 was designed with flexibility as a top priority. Hot-plug SAS, SATA hard drives, optical devices, dual-embedded 1 Gig NICs, and dual-channel storage interfaces are a few of the options a business has with this server. Hot-plug redundancy is provided in the power supplies as well as the hard drives. RAID capabilities make the server easier to manage and highly dependable. It includes a TCP/IP Offload Engine which increases network throughput by keeping the main processor free of TCP/IP functions.

DellPowerEdge 1800 servers supply expandability, improved performance, and feature the latest in Intel hardware. As many as six hard drives may be added to support data processing growth. The 1800 model is a great fit for any business just beginning to use a server because it has the expansion capabilities needed for a developing company. 2800 servers meet the needs of any company wishing to utilize 32-bit or 64-bit programs.

PowerEdgeproducts have gone through eleven generations since their original design was offered to the public. Each generation uses the same chip-set to make drivers and other system components common between all models. Refurbished IT storage is dependable, of the same high quality, and more affordable. Hardware providers subject these products to manufacturer equivalent tests to ensure each component meets original specifications. A business can use this price reduction to get exactly what is desired for their computer infrastructure without eating up the entire IT budget.