Tower Cranes Makes An Impossible Task Possible

The tower crane surpasses any other cranes in terms of versatility and utility. It comes with ideal lifting technology for any civil engineering task. These highly adaptable cranes have proved their worth both in the construction of residential buildings and on large scale industrial projects all over the world. This versatile equipment rise hundreds of feet into the air and can reach out just as far.

This high utility equipment is used to lift steel, concrete, large tools like acetylene torches and generators and a wide variety of other building materials. A tower crane has a following features and specifications:

1. Maximum lifting power- 19.8 tons(18 metric tons), 300 tonne- meters (metric ton= tonne)

2. Maximum reach- 230 feet (70 mts)

3. Counterweights- 20 tons (16.3 metric tons)

4. Maximum unsupported height: 265 feet 80 (meters)

For any crane to lift maximum load the weight has to be positioned close r to the mast and not at the end of the jib.

The tower crane is a modern form of balance crane. They offer a best combination of height and lifting capacity. This crane consists of basic parts as:

1. Base: the base is fixed to the ground that supports the crane.

2. Mast (tower): It is connected to the base and to save space and provide stability this vertical part of the crane is often mounted on large beams braced onto the completed structure. Mast gives height to the crane.

3. Slewing unit: It is attached to the top of the mast. It has gear and motor that allows rotating.

4. Jib: this is mounted on the slewing unit. The jib suspends the load from the trolley. The trolley motor is located on the Jib.

5. Counter Jib: this part is also mounted on the slewing unit. It carries a counter weight of concrete blocks. The hoist motor and transmissions are located on the mechanical desk on the counter Jib.

6. Operator’s cabin: It is located at the top of the tower attached to the slewing unit, but can be mounted on the Jib or partway down the tower.

7. Lifting hook: It is operated by using electric motors to manipulate wire rope cables through a system of sheaves.

The operator works in conjunction with signaler to hook and unhook the loads. The large fraction of the tower cranes in the world are in use in Dubai.

There is great demand for this equipment. Some leading manufacturers are:

1. Liebherr: It was established in 1949 by Hans Liebherr. The company flourished with the great success of its first mobile, easy to assemble and affordable tower cranes. The line up includes:

-EC-H Litronic series- It sets new standards in efficiency with innovation and top technology. It offers up to 20% higher load capacity at the touch of a button. This series include 17 models.

-HC series: this includes eight universal cranes from 800 to 5000 mt. they are designed for very high hook heights and very long jibs.

2. Manitowoc Crane Group: they are world leaders in construction crane industry. Potain is a brand that belongs to /Manitowoc, providing tower cranes for the building construction industry. Today Company produces 60 models from manufacturing plants in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and China. Potain produces three families of tower cranes, the smallest cranes of Potain range are the self- erecting cranes, running from 1,0t to 7, 98 t capacity. Higher and bigger are the top slewing cranes varying from 7,98t to 64t capacity; these are also the largest custom designed special application cranes which reach capacities of 160t.

Tower cranes are made with precision and care for a finished product that stands up to years of use making loading and unloading.

Online Tower Defense

Within the years, a fun filled strategy game that is known as Tower Defense Games has been brought back to life. With the help of personal computers and cell phones online tower defense games have become extremely popular and easily accessible with anyone that has access to the internet.

This type of genre has advanced significantly from when it first was introduced many years ago. It started as a simple boards when they first came to surface, however now they are very detailed and complex games with difficult levels available for you to play. Now with the advancements of technology in the gaming world, our personal computers and gaming systems online tower defense barely look similar to what the old games use to be.

The first game in this niche was titled Rampart, which was introduced in the early 1990’s and like all games of this category, its only purpose was to defend a target using a cannon as a weapon.

Now with Flash technology and the internet, user created gaming has grown in popularity, and with some gaining a large about of audience support. Tower Defense Online are simple logical games that include a goal, and that is to defend a target from the enemy. Some individuals actually may find this style of game-play a little repetitive after a while, however with the newer games we find today, the repetition is no more, infect it is far from it. The best thing is their are hundreds of various games to play, you can never get bored if you enjoy tower defending.

You may not know it however if you played any type of strategy based game in your past, you more than likely have played Tower Defense Games. Many individuals do not realize it by name or genre but it might even be on of their favourite types of games. If games such as Command and Conquer or Age of Empires are games that you have enjoyed than you should definitely look into the new generation of gaming in the niche.

Rectangular Cooling Tower – For That Cutting Edge Cooling Tower Technology

Cooling towers have been most talked about in recent times as they cater to many large scale industrial applications. While setting up a factory for the manufacturing of heavy weight industrial processes, installation of such a tower is a must. These towers are basically heat removal devices that release process waste heat into the atmosphere. The circulating cooling water system within the tower absorbs all the heat from inside and thus contributes towards giving out a cooling effect. This function, compliments its usage in industries such as petroleum refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants, natural gas processing plants and nuclear power plants. Towers such as these enable the saving of time and energy and are a onetime investment so it’s always wise to invest in them from the start up itself. The size of these towers depends upon the different industrial processes; however standard size is 200 meters long, with a width of about 100 meters.

Various types of towers that offer good cooling are available in the market, with a whole lot of companies constantly trying to explain its advantages. A wide range of these include the rectangular cooling tower, round bottle cooling tower, cross flow cooling-tower and the fan and fills less cooling tower. Of these, the rectangular cooling tower made up of the fiberglass reinforced polyester is a popular name in industrial cooling. Just like other towers that provide cooling, the rectangular cooling tower is made up of heat resistant materials with aerodynamically designed louvers manufactured from extruded PVC to avoid water leakages.

These towers contain enough space to hold maximum volume of water for that hassle free working. The construction of this tower is such that all the parts it comprises of are indeed of utmost importance for its smooth functioning. Main parts include a fan, fan motor; PVC fills for better performance, and a steel structure. The corrosion resistant, axial flow type, light weight fan located at the top of the tower, ensures energy savings with maximum air flow. Whereas the low weight PVC fills in its place functions best for generating high performance and resistance against corrosion. These fills offer a right balance between heat transfers in comparison to the minimum restriction of air flow. Also, the steel structures within the towers are made up of superior quality steel, which help withstand any kind of activity.

Rectangular cooling towers in a nutshell are the best in cooling technology. Highly appreciated by all, these towers have been the finest heat removal devices that ensure safety and trouble-free working of your factory at all times. Most cost effective and least time consuming rectangular cooling towers are open for sale with a whole lot of brands. Make the right choice and buy a genuine quality product today.