Build a Wind Power Tower

Construction of a Wind Power Tower is affordable and can be achieved with basic DIY skills.

The basics are finding a site that has a regular supply of wind that cannot be affected by trees and surrounding buildings. People in the home won’t be distressed by modern construction of these lightweight generators that can be fixed to the house such as the roof, with little or no noise.

If a household is at, or near to the ground, a wind power tower may be vital and inquiries should be made for any building restrictions or height restrictions. The next step in making a Wind Power Tower is to decide what output is required, and this should be done after the whole household has been energy audited.

Wind atlases can be purchased from online sources that are government authorized. If serious in constructing a Wind Power Tower, investment in a wind meter to research and confirm the direction of the wind for a few months is recommended.

It is important to make sure the structure won’t be affected by trees and overhanging branches and that it can’t be easily accessed by children and pets.

Mounting your Wind Power Tower on the roof is the best choice, and an individual with DIY skills should have no problem in constructing this and possibly using recycled lumber.

If the builder is lacking the mechanical aptitude or doesn’t understand the technology, then buying a kit set is the proper alternative.

Tail assembly, blades, generating unit, gearing systems for the generator, and the necessary wiring cables to join the unit to the battery are all contained in a kit set.

Assembling of the gearing, tail assembly and generator is a task for more than one person due to the awkward nature of the windmill. And electrician maybe essential with the connection of the wiring and motor to generate energy into electric power, particularly when supplying power to the grid for credit.

Return on investment can be achieved within three to five years, so this is one outlook that shouldn’t be overlooked when building a Wind Power Tower.

It is a good idea to consult with professional services when building a Wind Power Tower, as particular standards need to be met when connecting to the grid.

Remember that the ultimate goal, apart from saving money, when making wind generator is to benefit the environment.

It’s worth looking into this fun project in order to save money and do your part in the reduction of the carbon footprint and global warming.