Can Mobile Phone Towers Cause Cancer?

The US Food and Drug Administration offers the following info to people nervous about the protection of cellular telephone towers : The electromagnetic RF signals broadcast from base station antennas stations travel toward the horizon in comparatively narrow trails. For instance, the radiation pattern for an antenna array mounted on a tower can be compared to a thin pancake targeted round the antenna system. The individual pattern for a single array of sector antennas is wedge-shaped, like a chunk of pie.

As with all forms of electronic energy, the power decreases quickly as one moves away from the antenna.
RF exposure on the ground is much less than exposure really near to the antenna and in the trail of the broadcast radio signal. In reality, ground-level exposure from such antennas is sometimes thousands of times less than the exposure levels advised as safe by expert associations. So exposure to nearby residents would be well inside safety margins.

Cellular and PCS ( Personal Communications Service ) base stations in the U. S. Are required to obey boundaries for exposure counseled by expert affiliations and advocated by state agencies in charge of H&S. Measurements made near cellular and Computers base station antennas mounted on towers have confirmed that ground-level exposures are often thousands of times less than the exposure boundaries adopted by the FCC ( Fed Communications Commission ).

In reality, to be exposed to levels at or close to the FCC boundaries for cellular or Computers frequencies an individual would fundamentally have to stay in the main broadcast radio signal ( at the peak of the antenna ) and inside a few feet from the antenna. This is, naturally, terribly improbable to happen. When cellular and Computers antennas are mounted on rooftops, RF levels on that roof or on others near by would most likely be bigger than those often encountered on the ground.

However, exposure levels approaching or surpassing safety guiding principles should be encountered only awfully close to or without delay in front of the antennas. In addition, for sector-type antennas, generally used for such rooftop base stations, RF levels to the side and in back of these antennas are insignificant. General guiding principles on antenna installations and circumstances that might give rise to a concern about a facility’s conformance with FCC rules can be discovered in A Local Presidency Official’s Guide to Broadcasting Antenna RF Emission Safety : Rules, Procedures, and Practical Steering . This Guide can be accessed online at :

Do Cellular Telephone Towers Cause Any Other Health Problems?

While raised levels of radio frequency waves could cause a warming of tissues, cellular phone towers don’t yield exposure at levels sufficient to cause this effect. There’s no proof in printed systematic reports that cell telephone towers cause any other health issues.

What does one Do If I have had exposure to Cellular Telephone Towers? As observed above, cell telephone towers pose tiny risk under standard conditions.

There’s no test to determine whether you’ve been exposed to RF radiation from cellular telephone towers.
However, if there’s a cellular phone tower mounted near your house or office, you can ask a presidency agency or personal firm to determine the radio frequency field strength close to the tower to make sure that it is in the acceptable range. If you have extra health worries, please see your doctor.

The Bottom Line. Cellular telephone towers, like cellular telephones themselves, are a comparatively new technology, and we don’t yet have full info on health effects. Particularly, not sufficient time has elapsed to allow epidemiological studies. There are some unproven reasons why cellular telephone towers would not be anticipated to extend cancer risk, and animal studies of RF have not advised a chance of cancer. Folk who are concerned can request measurements of RF near cellular telephone towers to be certain exposures don’t surpass advocated boundaries.