Cell Phone Wireless Radiation Networks & Towers Invade New York City

Everyone knows the old saying, “with great power comes great responsibility,” and that’s just how New York City is attempting to view its new cell phone and wireless network towers. For a while now, there have been concerns about the potential health hazards of cell phone radiation from signal towers. That’s why New York has proposed a bill that would require input from citizens before new cell towers in New York City can be installed.

Unfortunately, it’s not just cell towers that may be harmful. Other transmitting stations, such as the new New York City Wireless Network cell sites run by a Universal Mobile Telecommunications System, can also pose radiation problems. The city put up 380 of these towers that enable wireless internet access across all 300 square miles, which makes online usage convenient and immediate. It’s hard to look beyond those benefits and recognize that these cell towers in New York City still put people at a risk for cell phone radiation.

It has even been found that common household appliances and technology cause symptoms of radiation. Microwaves, Bluetooth headsets, computers, and cell phones themselves increase high-frequency electromagnetic fields, and exposure to these can cause long-term damage to brain cells. These items, as difficult as it may seem, can be avoided. To decrease your experience of cell phone radiation, you might sit at your computer or talk on a cordless phone less.

However, towers that are becoming common and invasive may be here to stay, and if one is near your home or office, there’s not much one can do about it. Thanks to the new bill about cell towers in New York City, you can stop new ones from being erected, which gives citizens the upper hand in dealing with cell phone radiation problems.