Cooling Tower Companies – Forging Ahead in Cooling Tower Manufacture

Cooling towers are an essential element in any large scale industrial activity recently. Due to the growing need of cooling towers around the world and in India in particular, many companies have been set up to meet the demand of such towers in various industrial applications. These companies now manufacture a wide range of such equipment according to specific requirements.

Many companies have now obtained ISO 9001 certification that proves their quality management in accordance with international standards. Industries such as petroleum refining, electricity generation, air conditioning, refrigeration, steel manufacture and processing and many others now require this sort of equipment for their smooth operation. Cooling tower companies in India now possess the requisite technology for manufacturing such equipment.

These towers meet the rigorous demands of various industrial concerns. It is a proud fact that these towers are also being exported to various countries around the world. To ensure that these towers can withstand rigorous usage in various industrial operations, these companies ensure that components utilized in the manufacturing process are tested and utilized after careful scrutiny.

Quality control procedures mandated by the ISO system essentially weed out any defects during the preliminary stages of manufacture. These products are minutely screened for any defect by a qualified team of engineers and technicians to ensure a virtually zero defect product. A variety of cooling towers are now being manufactured depending upon the actual requirements. These days, mechanical draft towers are much in vogue. Depending upon the use and requirements at the actual industrial site different types of towers could be required. Some of the most popular forms of such towers in use at various industrial sites are:

  • Round bottle Type
  • Rectangular Type
  • Cross Flow Type
  • Fan less & Fill less Type

The industrial revolution was the starting point for the need of such towers. Due to the massive growth in the industrial capacity of various manufacturing units, the main challenge faced by manufacturers and individuals was the removal of heat from industrial processes. This was compounded in situations where natural water resources were not regularly available. The power industry was one of the first users of these towers.

Thus, many a cooling tower company rushed in to meet the demands created in the situation immediately following the commencement of the industrial revolution. Such towers were initially made from wood, but the newer types of towers include FRP and RCC varieties as well.

Today, most industries utilize these equipments round the clock. These industries consume a significant proportion of energy to run these towers. Many energy conscious towers now utilize fan less and fill less towers for cooling. To summarize, cooling tower companies have now matured to deliver products that are vastly superior and very suitable for present day industry.