Definitive Technology Speakers – Industry’s Highest Quality

When you’re looking for high performance speakers for your home, only one name should come to mind-Definitive technology. Based in Owings Mills, MD, Definitive technology is the brain child of Sandy Gross, Don Givogue and Ed Blais-the company started creating acoustical works of art in 1990. Definitive technology speakers has given us the VCIB Mythos 1 Tower Speaker-a single silver speaker that has 2 five and a quarter inch high definition midrange drivers and a one inch pure aluminum dome tweeter.

With two mid range drivers and a tweeter, you’ll be amazed at the performance this Definitive technology speaker gives. Of course, no matter what you’re looking for-wall mounted speakers, floor units, subwoofers or anything in between, Definitive has got exactly what you’re looking for. If you are tired of paying way too much for inferior audio quality, it’s time to let Definitive take over your home sound performance issues.

They’re dedicated to quality in electronics and design. You’ll find a wide variety of components that will suit any decor in your home. What you’ll really appreciate is how easily these pieces fit into your home; you won’t need to redecorate just to match up your audio system. These are classic, timeless pieces that will keep looking good and bringing attractive and suitable audio enjoyment to your family for years to come.

Definitive Technology high end loudspeakers are sold across the United States at a variety of dealers. There is an audio solution to meet every budget when you buy Definitive Technology speakers. There are also solutions for different needs in your home as well as outdoors. To begin, Definitive creates the perfect home theater systems, combining the perfect components to give you the most complete listening experience possible.

They also sell floor standing speakers as well as wall/shelf mounted speakers. These floor speakers can come with or without built in sub-woofers. Wall or shelf mounted speaker components are discreet and unobtrusive yet get the job done, every time. The VCIB Mythos 1 Tower Speaker has a frequency response of 20Hz to 30 Hz and has 2 bass drivers and 2 bass radiators. This is the perfect addition to your home theater system.

Definitive Technology stands behind all of their product lines and is pleased to help educate consumers about the basics and also the advanced details behind creating the perfect acoustical setup for yourself, no matter how big or small your audio system is.

Work with a Definitive Technology dealer to design the best home theater system in your neighborhood. Who’s house do you think they guys will want to go to when they’re ready to watch the game? Tell your wife to call the pizza delivery guy ahead of time, they’re going to be coming in droves to watch every minute and hear every last crunch of the game from your living room.

Definitive Technology has been winning awards since they stuck a toe in the water of the home audio pool. Each year, industry magazines sing their praises and award them with trophies galore. Sure it’s great to get some recognition but that’s not why the trio from Maryland started the company. They are truly in love with what they do.

When you’re ready to set up your home theater or outdoor area with the perfect audio equipment, wouldn’t you rather buy from someone who is going to give you the best quality for the lowest price and devote themselves to your audio experience? Of course you would-find a Definitive Technology speakers dealer today and get ready for the audio experience of a lifetime with the VCIB Mythos 1 Tower Speaker.