Dell Tower Servers Are the Perfect Small Business Solution

Dell products often become an avid part of the conversation of those taking part in hardware discussions as a company begins to explore the options available for infrastructure growth. This manufacturer offers a wide variety of tower, rack, and blade designs with a reputation above most business technology industry providers. Server selection is typically based upon infrastructure size, functionality needs, and manufacturer preference. Dell tower servers supply a vast range of business solutions to meet both budgeting and infrastructure requirements. The PowerEdge line, in particular, consists of small to medium size solutions geared toward organizations supporting up to twenty-five employees. Models offer increased storage capacities, dual processors, and expansion capabilities. An organization can consider the 2900 series to accommodate consistently growing storage requirements or the 2800 series for improved workgroup functionality. Numerous models are available in this line to meet the individual needs of any small growing business. Resellers offer remanufactured equipment for those organizations seeking discontinued technologies or a lower investment cost.

Refurbished Servers: When Do Equipment Purchases Make Sense?

The buying principles are equivalent whether a company decides to buy new or refurbished servers. A business could be purchasing a server for the first time to accomplish a workgroup setup. In other scenarios, the current technology is being replaced to obtain improved reliability or functionality. Either change will require a thorough evaluation of organizational processes in regards to performance requirements. Multiple factors can lead to system replacement or purchasing by an organization:

  • Slow Performance
  • Consistent System Issues
  • Customer or Staff Complaints
  • Increased Down Time
  • ServerOverloading
  • Inability to Share Files or Resources

These types of issues are a sign of a growing problem that will cost less to alleviate early rather than suffer through until a later time. A small business should consider a server to run critical applications from a shared location, for improved data storage, email hosting, internet access sharing, and information backup capabilities. Refurbished servers cut costs while allowing an organization to store data safely and reduce individual computer management responsibilities. They are also beneficial when a company requires remote connection capabilities. Many companies still attempt to run local computers with file transfers being accomplished by email or a USB drive. Tower model costs have become low, making the email or USB type of file management unreasonable in regards to organizational security.

One server can provide remarkable file management capabilities by supplying a central storage location for users. Access rights are defined to create a security based approach to file access and prevent unauthorized persons from retrieving sensitive information. Data loss, access security, and various other issues are resolved with the implementation of a server-based infrastructure. Application management is another reason for considering this purchase. The timeframe for individual installations or upgrades can be a minimum of few days throughout an entire office. An organization can cut down the time of this daunting task to a bare minimum while achieving enhanced application efficiency. Dell tower servers provide increased redundancy, security, and speed. They can run the applications necessary for a strong business infrastructure. Refurbished products offer the same dependability with a lower price tag to businesses desiring affordable technology.