Dell Tower Servers: The X86 Architecture Promotes Reliable Operations

Dell has been a leading provider among both the business and personal computing markets for several years. Sound performance reliability makes their tower products in high demand among small to medium sized businesses that require an all-around infrastructure solution. Servers are a necessity to any company desiring a network within their infrastructure. Dell tower servers are a good buy whether in new or used condition because they are highly expandable and offer some of the latest technology on the market. Specifically, the Dell PowerEdge line supplies tower, rack, and blade solutions with the x86 architecture to business customers. The line includes ten generations of improved computing functionality for widespread business applications. A vast number of generations provide a unique opportunity to those businesses seeking to save money on needed hardware. Model discontinuation allows resellers to offer quality used PowerEdge models at approximately half the cost of new products.

Used ServersAdd Further Benefits to an Already Solid Product Line

As stated above, Dell uses the x86 architecture, which is a generic reference to a set derived from the Intel 8086. Numerous alterations have been made since the original instruction set was created, to supply improved backwards compatibility among other benefits. The naming convention came about due to backward compatibility as well as the fact that many processors ended with eighty-six as their last two digits. This architecture can be found today in AMD, Intel, VIA, and numerous other brands. It is common to most personal computers in addition to being included in some but not all servers. Commercial and open source applications support the architecture making it easily compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and UNIX. New processors offer 64-bit capabilities whereas older versions come with 32-bit; however, tower versions of used servers can be converted to support 64-bit technology fairly easily over any other design.

Towerdesigns are optimal for smaller businesses seeking affordable processing power in a single server solution. They are not recommended for larger companies with over twenty-five employees but make the ideal fit for any company just gaining its infrastructure footing. Used servers provide a cost advantage to smaller organizations in need of high-end technology but without the budget to buy a new piece of hardware with all the latest capabilities. The PowerEdge 1800, 2600, 2800, and 2900 designs are a few examples of discontinued models a business may purchase at a reduced cost in refurbished or used condition. Each offers a unique solution to an organization, including:

  • Increased performance
  • Expandability
  • Enhanced storage
  • Improved reliability
  • Easy accommodation for continued growth

A company must choose Dell tower servers with processing speed, storage space, and customization needs in mind. Towers offer a few benefits to smaller businesses over rack or blade models. They provide stand-alone operations, offer simpler installation, increased stability, and can easily be expanded or adapted to changing technology needs. On the downside, tower designs take up a lot of space when compared to other designs. Space restrictions will be a large contributor when deciding what form factor is best for a business infrastructure.