Invisible Radiation Dangers of Cell Towers

Cell phone towers have spread throughout neighborhoods across the world and people are not focused on the invisible radiation dangers of cell towers. They are focused solely on the quality of cell phone service that they receive each day. Cell phone towers emit an electromagnetic field that spreads low-level radiation throughout neighborhoods. While these fields are invisible to the naked eye, the damage caused from radiation from these cell towers are not.

Electromagnetic fields have have reported health concerns because tumors called acoustic neuroma were discovered growing from inside the ear canal. The Research Center for Wireless Technology has polled physicians, scientists, and the World Heath Organization and all of these professionals say that the invisible radiation dangers of cell towers cause radiation poisoning on certain levels throughout the United States and the world. Recent scientific tests relate that just two hours of exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic fields can lead to permanent damage to DNA, noted specifically in brain and sex cells.

Low-frequency radiation is emitted from many electronics devices that are used in homes everyday, such as cell phones, microwave ovens, bluetooth headsets and personal laptop computers. For these devices to receive an electromagnetic signal to operate, they require a cell phone tower to be present within 100 feet of their home or office. Consistent exposure to this type of low frequency radiation can cause all types of health concerns to occur. People use bluetooth headsets with hands-free mechanisms on them to comply with certain laws. These bluetooth headsets work primarily from the signal projected from a cell phone mast, or cell tower that is close by. Knowing the health consequences, many businesses allow these cell phone towers to be projected from their buildings, because many business owners are compensated for each tower that is placed on non-commercial land. Certain studies have shown that the electromagnetic fields generated from these mobile phone towers have had a negative impact on the brain’s bioelectric activity.

Other results from studies completed in Germany at the Neurological Hospital of the University of Freiburg show that the high frequencies emitted from cell phone towers lead to a significant increase in blood pressure to those that live around the electromagnetic fields created by cell phone towers. Many biological processes are also affected by the electromagnetic fields emitted by cellular telephones, and children are truly susceptible to brain damage because their skulls are still soft, and not much will hinder these signals from getting in and causing damage. The invisible radiation dangers of cell towers are evident by the number of people that are diagnosed each day with symptoms of low-grade radiation poisoning. The damage from this type of poisoning is shown in tests to be on a cellular level. These tests show exposure to radiation in areas where mobile phones are placed on the body, mainly the head and midriff regions of the body. All associated organs in these areas of the body showed evidence of electromagnetic radiation poisoning. The cell phone chip that is found in cell phones, bluetooth headsets, and home appliances was found to be the cause for this low-grade radiation exposure.

People can protect themselves from this type of radiation exposure by using cell phone accessories that were designed to block the electromagnetic field radiation. Airtube headsets will protect people from the harmful radiation emitted by a cell phone or personal digital assistant. The airtube headset can also reduce the cognitive impairment and cancer risk associated with radiofrequency radiation exposure. Qlink pendants can block larger amounts of harmful radiation that come from the invisible radiation dangers projected by cell phone towers. Fueled by the wearer, the Qlink pendants filters out negative energy promoted by cell phone towers and mobile phones.