More Than Telling Time – Large Tower Clocks to Drive Business

If you’re a business owner, developer, or owner of commercial buildings, you’ve probably invested thousands of dollars into marketing and maintaining the appearance of your storefront or properties. But you might not have even considered one of the best ways to stand out among competitors and attract business in a tough economy: large tower clocks. Think a clock is just a way to tell time? Think again:

A community icon-and customer magnet
Think of any large, public clock: what comes to mind? Large tower clocks are not just public timekeepers-they make an instant, positive statement about your community or business. Whether contemporary or modern, tower and architectural clocks send the message that the space they occupy is a landmark, has history and is worth caring about.

What does that mean for your business or development? A large outdoor clock mounted on or near your business instantly sets it apart from competitors. Potential customers may use large lighted clocks as points of reference or meeting places, driving more traffic to your site. Every time a person uses your clock as a landmark when giving directions, you generate potential business. Tower clocks suggest that the area is safe and well cared-for, and signify a strong community presence.

With a tower clock, your business or development is no longer temporary. It becomes a permanent part of the community landscape.

Timeless, yet up-to-date
Once installed, a large tower clock is simple to maintain. In the past, simple changes like resets due to time changes, power outages, and chiming schedules would have required a skilled technician. Today, new technologies mean that tower and architectural clocks are making a major comeback in American cities.

Behind the traditional facade of many an outdoor clock lies cutting-edge technologies designed to limit maintenance costs. Today, battery-powered chips can reset clocks for any circumstance and change chiming schedules instantly. Illuminated electric clocks can be backlit for readability at any time of day or night.

Unlike clocks of the past, today’s tower clocks can be also customized to reflect your business or development’s unique identity. Whether a traditional model with roman numerals, a musical clock, or a double-sided clock in an elegant and contemporary style, you can create a clock that makes the statement you want. Combining your own unique design with new technologies makes tower clocks a surprisingly low-maintenance and cost-effective investment.

Large commercial clocks: The sky’s the limit
Whatever style of clock you choose, you’ll be sending a positive and lasting message about your business or development. Large tower clocks are an investment that speaks volumes about your business or development’s role in the community-and will drive customer traffic to your doors for years to come.