Myth Busted: Cell Phone Tower Radiation Does Not Cause Harm

With the growth of the telecom industry, more and more people are possessing mobile phones to communicate with each other. As each generation becomes more tech savvy, the usage of mobile phone also increases. However, in the recent years, there is steady growth of concern about health issues involving to radiation exposure from these towers. This is due to the alleged cell phone tower radiation exposure to the body. However, scientific evidence confirms that there are no known adverse health effects from the exposure of mobile phone tower radiation. How,do you ask? We give you the answers.

To know the effects, is to first understand how it functions. Mobile phones run on the technology of radio frequency waves, which is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. This spectrum comprises of the zero frequency which is non-ionizing and high frequency which is ionizing. If the frequency is high, i.e. ionizing, then there is a high possibility that it can cause subsequent damage to the human DNA. However, the radiation effects of the mobile are low, as these mobile phones use an extremely low-level of non-ionizing.

As an individual makes a call through the mobile phone, signals are sent from the phone to the nearest base station, which in turn, responds by assigning an available radio frequency channel to these waves. These waves are forwarded to a switching centre, which transfers the call to the designated phone. In this way, the voice information is relayed back and forth between the two people.

During this information relay, these RF waves along with the radiation effects are emitted into the environment where people can be exposed to them. These base stations use the cell phone tower radiation waves with high power through special high-mounted antennas on large towers. Due to downward scatter of energy when the information is relayed, the level of radiation is low when it reaches the ground, thereby providing a low radiation exposure that causing no long-term damage.

While you may have concerns of working in an area close to these structures that emits mobile phone tower radiation, there is strong scientific evidence that this does not cause any harm to your health. As compared to the radiation effects of x-rays and UV rays, the radiation exposure of RF rays do not cause any chemical reactions in the DNA molecules. Thus, unless you are exposed to cell phone tower radiation over a long time, in close proximation to the source of emission, you will not suffer from any adverse health problems.

Therefore, you need not worry about the supposed adverse health reactions to mobile phone tower radiation as even if you are exposed to it in your locality. You can always check the RF field strength near the tower by a professional service to make sure that it is well within the acceptable range to ease your fears.