Norse Rune Thorn Has Power to Protect You From Cell Tower Vibrations

Rune Power of Thorn

In our high technological, politically correct society that we live in, not only have we lost our spirituality, but we have lost faith in anything we cannot measure. If we cannot see it, feel it, touch it or smell it then for this spiritually dead society it does not exist.

How woefully wrong! There are unseen powers in the Universe that put the childish machines of man to shame.

One of these powers is the power of the runes. Runes are keys to the universal creative powers. They are truly infinite in power and only when they are harnessed through one of the runic symbols can they be used by man for his betterment and protection.

Each rune is a key to a individual functional energy. One of the most powerful of all the runes is Thorn. It is the rune of Protection.

The person who wears of invokes the Rune Thorn is protected from any energy that would be harmful to his well being. It is the Rune of Protection from all harm.

Another side effect of this highly technological society, is that a lot of it is dangerous and harmful to man. The Cell Phone Towers at the present time leads the list of harmful technological inventions.

There are screams from thousands of people all over the country, “Don’t put that Cell tower HERE!”

But the government as well as the powers that be steam roll over them saying there is no proof that radio frequency emissions are harmful to humans. But there are many studies that prove otherwise.

Doctors in Australia and New Zealand have found that children living near cell towers have twice the rate of Leukemia. Biomedical engineers say exposure to cell phone towers leads to vibroacousitc diseases. These low levels of radiation lead to damaged cell tissue and DNA, depression etc.

ENOUGH! We do not need any more proof. What is one answer? Answer! The Rune Thorn. Rune Thorn is one of those mystical creative energies that blocks out the vibration of Cell Tower frequencies.

A friend of mine, a professional Kineseologist, and his friend went up to a big Cell tower. He asked his friend to point at the tower, which he did. He easily forced his friend’s arm down to his side with his muscle testing technique. Cell towers weaken humans.

Then he handed his friend the wood rune Thorn, which was hand made. His friend held it in his left hand and pointed once again at the Cell tower.

This time, the kineseologist could not budge his friend’s arm down one inch, using all his strength. This is the muscle testing technique that tells you whether a substance or an object held in one hand makes the body stronger or weaker.

Don’t believe what He did? He was using the Power of the rune Thorn. Then try his muscle testing technique with the Rune Thorn yourself. I always carry the rune Thorn on me now and I have four Thorn Runes attached to the North, South, East and Western sides of my house.

Did you ever hear about this following story? If you did not it is because the Media won’t write about it. It is the story of an Aborigine Shaman in Australia who caused a passenger jet to change it’s course and force land because it was flying over a sacred ground. He did it with the power of his mind.

What did Shakespeare say about there being more things on Heaven and Earth? The invisible power of the Runes is Awesome. Use them for protection.

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