Online Tower Defense

Within the years, a fun filled strategy game that is known as Tower Defense Games has been brought back to life. With the help of personal computers and cell phones online tower defense games have become extremely popular and easily accessible with anyone that has access to the internet.

This type of genre has advanced significantly from when it first was introduced many years ago. It started as a simple boards when they first came to surface, however now they are very detailed and complex games with difficult levels available for you to play. Now with the advancements of technology in the gaming world, our personal computers and gaming systems online tower defense barely look similar to what the old games use to be.

The first game in this niche was titled Rampart, which was introduced in the early 1990’s and like all games of this category, its only purpose was to defend a target using a cannon as a weapon.

Now with Flash technology and the internet, user created gaming has grown in popularity, and with some gaining a large about of audience support. Tower Defense Online are simple logical games that include a goal, and that is to defend a target from the enemy. Some individuals actually may find this style of game-play a little repetitive after a while, however with the newer games we find today, the repetition is no more, infect it is far from it. The best thing is their are hundreds of various games to play, you can never get bored if you enjoy tower defending.

You may not know it however if you played any type of strategy based game in your past, you more than likely have played Tower Defense Games. Many individuals do not realize it by name or genre but it might even be on of their favourite types of games. If games such as Command and Conquer or Age of Empires are games that you have enjoyed than you should definitely look into the new generation of gaming in the niche.