Residential Wind Turbines – Tower and Roof Mounted Minimum Requirements

Residential Wind Turbines

There are two types of Residential Wind Turbines, (also called wind generators), tower mounted or roof mounted, with the minimum requirements for both tower and roof mounted wind generators being an uninterrupted wind speed.

Tower Mounted Wind Generators – Minimum Requirements

  • Consistent wind above 8 mph, (13 kp/h)
  • Minimum tower height of 30 ft, (9 m)
  • No significant obstacles within 500 ft, (152.4 m)
  • Have at least one acre of available land

The minimum requirements for a tower mounted generator is an uninterrupted wind speed of at least 8 miles an hour, (mph), (13 kp/h), a tower that is at least 30 feet high, (9 m), (the tower can be as high as 150 ft, (46 m), (depending on the wind conditions).

The home should be on at least one acre land that also has no significant obstacles within 500 ft, (152.4 m), of the wind power tower, that would disrupt the airflow.

Of course, this makes tower mounted wind generators only realistic in rural areas, and that is generally the only place you will see tower mounted wind turbines.

Roof Mounted Wind Generators

For many years roof mounted wind generators have been the poor sibling, the most obvious reason being the requirement for a minimum, uninterrupted air flow, but you also have to add in the cost of the wind turbine itself, which can be significant, (and with the older models there are additional the costs because you have to remodel the roof to support the additional weight), also, the old technology rooftop wind turbines were noisy, and prone to vibration.

With those requirements it would be almost impossible to get a city or suburban permit to install a wind power system on your roof.

Blade Tip Wind Turbines – Minimum Requirements

  • Consistent wind above 2 mph, (3.2 km/h)
  • Start-up speed of only 0.5 mph, (0.8 km/h)
  • Blade-tip to blade-tip diameter of only 6 feet, (2 m)
  • A wind site survey should be done before installation

There is now a new breed of wind generators, which starts from a simple idea that is now set to revolutionize rooftop wind turbines in city and suburban centers.

This revolutionary technology is more efficient, compact and lightweight, will not require a remodeling of the roof, require less maintenance and a pay back time in as little as five years, depending on government rebates.

This is done by eliminating the normal gear system, drive shaft and DC power generator typically found in traditional wind generators.

Instead, the blade tip wind turbine power system places the magnets and stators, (that produce the electricity), on the inside of the wind turbine rim, at the blade tip, where the blades spin fastest, thereby creating the most energy per revolution possible.

This one step reduces the blades start-up speed to just 2 mph, the weight and size of the wind turbine is also reduced to less than 200 lbs, and 6 feet across while the design also significantly reduces the noise and vibration, making these systems “permit ready”, and available to both city and suburbs alike.

Nevertheless, some basic requirements still have to be met for residential wind generators to make economic sense.

For instance, if residential wind generators are to be mounted on the rooftop of your house, you have to ensure that there is sufficient, consistent wind where you want to place the wind power system, this is done through a wind site survey, indeed the manufacturer will require that this wind survey is done before they will proceed with installation.

Because of the simplicity of design these new residential, “Blade Tip”, wind energy systems are significantly less expensive to install and maintain, with a payback period in as little as 5 years.