Round Bottle Cooling Tower – The Best in Cooling Technology

Cooling towers are essential equipments used in the working of many large scale applications. Installation of a cooling-tower is one major factor to be looked at in the setting up of an industry. Industrial cooling-towers cater to a variety of engineering needs and function on the basis of eliminating the heat absorbed in the circulating cooling water systems. The circulating cooling water systems absorb heat from the industrial processes and give out a cooling effect. These towers are used in industries such as petroleum refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants, natural gas processing plants and nuclear power plants and are available in a number of sizes depending on the different industrial applications. Standard towers are normally 200 metres tall and 100 metres wide, however measurements of these towers may differ according to different processes.

In the manufacturing of cooling-towers, special materials must be used in order to be able to resist the heat emitted during the process of manufacturing. The tower must be light weight to ease the process of installation in industries. Also, only certain raw materials which are able to withstand corrosion and resist water borne bacteria should be given first preference. For instance an element like the fiberglass reinforced plastic which is sturdy and has a long lasting effect is popularly used in the round bottle cooling towers.

The round bottle cooling tower is one of the many types of cooling-towers with a water basin made up of water proof components in order to avoid leakage of any sort. In the making of these towers, enough space for it to contain high water levels at all times is given utmost priority. The FRP material in the water basin of these towers gives it an extra support to stand the weight of the water. The round bottle cooling tower is made up of a fan, fan motor, water distributing system, fills and a steel structure. Located at the top, the durable, corrosion resistant and low noise fan saves energy and generates maximum air flow inside the towers. It ensures that the tower is free of problems faced with belt and gear drives. The sprinkler which is part of the water distributing system, mostly of a rotating type is used to distribute water evenly.

Thus the round bottle cooling tower is the best and the safest equipment to be used as a dependable heat removable device in industrial applications. Most industries have been increasingly opting for these round bottle cooling towers, to provide for their specific cooling needs.