Scaffolding Towers Review: Youngman’s BoSS Evolution Scaffolding Tower

Scaffolding towers are more suited for construction and home renovation projects than simple ladders but there are obvious risks involved when using one. Safety is the number one consideration when buying your own scaffolding tower system. Therefore the danger of choosing the wrong one could lead to disastrous results. So in buying your very own scaffolding tower system you need to take into consideration the following:

  1. Material – aluminum and steel are the usual choices because of its tensile strength but composite scaffolding made up of fiberglass is also available
  2. Compliance to British and European standards – EN 1004 or the standard for mobile access working towers
  3. Strength & Stability – this is attributed to the metal thickness and tube diameter
  4. Height – either platform height and working height, both are taken into consideration with regard to the height of the project you’re working on

Taking all these into consideration let me present you with some information on a high quality scaffolding tower system made by the Youngman Group, BoSS Evolution.

About the Product

The Youngman’s BoSS Evolution Scaffolding Tower is a great investment for your money. You can be sure of its quality because it is made with the latest precision laser cutting technology combined with very accurate robotic welding technology. The BoSS Evolution is an improved model of the BoSS scaffolding series. Its parts are interchangeable and are compatible with original BoSS scaffolding tower. It is made of aluminum and is therefore lightweight and sturdy which makes it very ideal for maintenance and installation project. It is made stronger and more durable than previous BoSS models and is aesthetically optimized which means it looks very handsome for a ladder system.

Product Features

Youngman’s BoSS Evolution has integral ladders on the side with 250mm rung spacing. Its joints which are connected tube to tube makes all the frames seem lighter. Also, the BoSS Evolution makes use of 3T of through the trap build method for a better and safer way to build the tower system. The 3T method prevents the contractor from being in a situation where he sits with unguarded scaffold platform. It also has color coded braces and patented locking claws.

Product Specifications

The Youngman’s BoSS Evolution has a safe working load of 275kgs or 606lbs per platform up to a maximum 950kgs or 2100lbs per tower including the weight of the user. It has two frame widths which are 850mm and 1450mm respectively. It has 400mm horizontal frames with ribbed tubing for added safety and increased grip. It is compatible with European standards EN 1004. A Safety poster is included with the setup instructions. Purchase includes a lifetime support with manufacturer’s high quality repair service.

So in choosing your very own scaffolding tower, Youngman’s BoSS Evolution is the wisest choice you’re going to make.