The Concept of Micro Cellular Towers in Your Small Business and Possible Technology Investments

In 2009 a new form of technology was introduced to improve cellular connections in areas where coverage is poor. This technology is called Femtocell and allows for customers to have better coverage and business to supply this service with this device connected to a broadband internet connection.

Everyone should understand that a femtocell is most often used to improve cellular coverage without the cellular carrier needing to upgrade their networks. This implementation would be great for rural or remote areas (80% of Australia) but the technology itself may be a little bit expensive for small to medium businesses. As one knows, a lot of these femtocells can operate on spectrums without the permission of the owner.

This is occurring in the US and Canada now. This is full of controversy and I for one do not want to delve into this area when starting up or being stood on by the big Telco’s. Dual mode handsets worldwide could be taken advantage of but how would you price or pay for your costs? Does their Telco pay the business for supplying a connection or is it a pay-per-use system implemented by the owner. If you implement an agreement between Telco’s on a business to business basis than there is real money to be made. Especially when this technology is being released worldwide.

I could see the application of a femtocell network for business that have poor coverage or want to attract customers in high demand areas where churn rate is high. I could see cafes, book store and food courts implementing these ideas to improve the quality of service where coverage is lacking.

In my honest opinion wireless would still be easier and more affordable to customers than femtocell tech and allows businesses to implement e-commerce into their store. Well at least till I can determine how a business could achieve revenue from this activity. My presumption would be that the femtocell provider would only provide coverage in exchange for what? So that a user can continue to conduct their normal routines over a cellular network and ignore the concept of wireless technology.

So as you can see there is real possibility of a business now acting as a cell tower in business district areas. I am working on ideas that could really affect small business and boost revenue. Some countries may have dual-mode cellular phones which allow this technology to operate. Countries like Australia are falling behind with the concept of dual-mode cellular phones. So phones have to register with that spectrum to be any use.