Tower Defense Games – Rise to Popularity

In recent years, the sub-genre of strategy games known as “Tower Defense Games” has seen a great revitalization. Thanks to new personal portable computing platforms coming into prominence like the iPhone and iPod touch; Tower Defense Games are enjoying a renewed popularity.

This gaming has come a long way from what they were when they first appeared many years ago. It began with very simplistic boards when they first came out. Now they have spawned into intricate games with difficult playing levels. With the advanced gaming technology that exists in both PC’s and gaming systems, tower defense games hardly resemble the games of old

Perhaps the very first game in this genre was the classic strategy game called Rampart. The game made is arrival in the early 1990’s. Like all games of this type, the purpose was to defense a central location using weaponry such as cannons.

With the advent of Flash technology, user generated games have risen in popularity, with some gaining large followings. Tower Defense games are simplistic in the sense that you have one ultimate goal. You must defend one central location from enemy attack. Because of the rudimentary nature, some find the games to be a bit boring after a while. At least, that’s what many used to complain about. The creativity of game programmers these days has helped take away that sense of repetition that used to be associated with them.

Whether you know or it not, if you have played any sort of strategy game in the past, you have likely played a Tower defense game. Most people don’t even realize that some of their favorite games are called by that name. If you have played games like Age of Empires or Command and Conquer in the past, and enjoyed them, you should check out the latest generation of offerings in the genre.