Visiting the Eiffel Tower When on a Holiday in Paris

Often known as the city of lights and renowned as a city of romance, its no surprise that such a large amount of individuals take a holiday in Paris, whether or not its for its history or culture, but it’s also at the forefront of art, fashion and recreation, which has created Paris to become the foremost fashionable destination within the whole of France, that pulls thirty million tourists and guests per annum from everywhere around the globe.

There are various landmarks in Paris and the most evident one is of course the Eiffel Tower, which has become the icon of this city and is a fabulous sight, particularly when it is all lit up with the twinkling lights in the dark. And if you are on a romantic break you may experience the champagne bar or perhaps you fancy a meal at the Jules Verne restaurant. However if you like to partake in various activities there is an ice skating rink set up during winter at this monument along with special events around the year, plus you can discover the history of the Eiffel Tower, along with the spectacular views.

Additionally, the Eiffel Tower in Paris is known throughout the globe and located within the Ile de France region, it has become the icon of France. This monument is a significant tourist attraction in Paris that has had over 200 million visitors since it initially opening after its inauguration on the 31st of March 1889, with around seven million individuals still visiting this landmark in Paris every year while they are on holiday in Paris.

When you refer to the history of the Eiffel Tower, you will notice that the first idea began as a contest to make a structure for the 1889 Universal Exposition to commemorate one hundred years since the French Revolution and this Paris monument was solely meant to be a brief structure that would be demolished after a maximum of twenty years!

The winner of the competition was the engineer Gustave Eiffel who was awarded with the winning style for the tower, that after all, is why it has the name it has nowadays, however throughout its construction, that started in January 1887, there were extreme protests to the planning and design.

But, Gustave Eiffel counteracted several of the protests and made lots of good ideas for methods in which the tower may be utilised once created, like for scientific experiments and communications that meant many people eventually changed their minds.

And because of the technical achievements just like the elevators at the Eiffel Tower in conjunction with the tower illuminations and advances in technology, along with the approach in which the Eiffel tower was utilised for communications, we are still privileged to be able to admire this marvel of technology and unbelievable accomplishment of engineering.

Today the Eiffel Tower illuminations have also become an icon and one thing everybody relates to after they think about the tower, and it has always had lights ever since it had been initially inaugurated, which incredibly, had the most powerful beacons in the world at the time.

So when you decide to go on a Paris holiday, make sure you take the time to see this incredible monument and if you can, go to the top of the Eiffel Tower to experience the fantastic panoramic views of Paris, the capital city of France.