Why The Sydney Tower Skywalk Is Fun For Everyone

It is amazing at how a location has progressed over time. We can attribute the majority of it to technology but come to think of it, any advancement is credited to man’s innovativeness and thirst for more. What used to be home to the Cadigal (a group of indigenous Australians that first inhabited Sydney), is now the largest city in Australia. What used to be vast rolling terrain full of vegetation is now an urban landscape. Despite Sydney’s advancement, there are still some visible similarities between how it was and is now. The Cadigals used the height of trees to scope the land, they would climb tall trees to locate sources of food, predators, and the sea where most travellers came from. They utilized the advantage of being elevated for existence. Modern man also utilizes this factor more for recreation than necessity with the use of the Sydney Tower Skywalk. It’s a structure that brings people a distance of 880 feet above ground to experience the fantastic cityscape view as well as the areas that surround the city. We can’t really tell if the Cadigal’s enjoyed their chore of climbing high trees, were they also amazed at the spectacular sights that great heights gave them access to? Did they have fun at all or was it a daily task to them? I think that they would have had a bit of fun, because of the simple fact that I know an experience on the Sydney Tower Skywalk is fun for everyone. Here’s why.

The sky walk can be experienced by all ages starting at the minimum age of 10 years old with no maximum age limit. At 268 metres above sea level, participants can access one of the most stunning and breath taking views of Australia’s largest city. An ocular feat of the Blue Mountains, Sydney’s world famous beaches, lush country sides, and landscapes that surround the city can be viewed from one place, at one moment. The metropolitan’s very own Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Hawkesbury River are only some of the locations that form the perfect picturesque city.

The glass panel flooring of the Sydney Tower Skywalk gives you a surreal experience of walking in the clouds while enjoying an uninterrupted 360 degree view. Participants can opt for a dawn sky walk and watch the sun’s first light break the slumber as the city comes to life. Or for a spectacular light show, you can choose a dusk sky walk and watch the sun bid farewell in one of the most beautiful sunset’s you will ever see. The city turns into a prism of different colours like fireflies that illuminate the horizon.

In addition to the sky walk, you can enjoy the two revolving restaurants on top of Sydney Tower that provide a beautiful back drop while you take pleasure in delectable cuisine. There is also a three dimensional virtual reality show in the tower’s theatre where you can learn about and experience some of Australia’s most beautiful attractions. And you can have fun identifying locations on top of the tower’s observation deck. Furthermore, Sydney Tower Skywalk tour guides will discuss loads of interesting facts about the tower, city and surrounding areas during the activity, that will change your perspective like never before. What could be more fun than this?

It’s a great activity that will not cost you an arm and a leg to enjoy, and the most convenient fact is that you’ll be taken to a whole new world, without leaving the city. People spend a lot of time and money planning for a great recreational weekend that entails more travelling to the destination than the main activity itself. Lucky are those who visit and live in this beautiful city, for they just have to look up to find the key to a great adventure, the Sydney Tower Skywalk. What used to be ancient man’s tool to support existence is now a famous weekend fun activity that roots back to the early inhabitants of young Sydney.